David Klingenfuss on the Benefits of Running a Small Company

David Klingenfuss on the Benefits of Running a Small Company

Many businesses strive to grow as fast as possible to expand into different markets and scale their teams. Sometimes however, it can be best to run a smaller business, to keep operations lean and to focus on the customer experience.

That’s what independent business owner and electrician David Klingenfuss has done for the past three decades. While he has made hires before for various projects, he has deliberately maintained independence over his business and decided to remain the sole operator of his electrical contracting company.

Klingenfuss is now planning to expand his business by purchasing another company vehicle and hiring a new electrician. It’s important to note, however, that Klingenfuss has run his own business independently until now, and outlined the benefits of doing so in his previous interview with the American Reporter.

Cost Benefits

One of the benefits of being an independent business owner is sustainable business growth. Klingenfuss has been able to steadily grow his business and build relationships with new clients in the same repeatable way by keeping his business model the same. That said, he took action every step of the way to improve his business and run it more efficiently.

Klingenfuss also attributes his low overhead cost to running a small company. Since he doesn’t have to cover payroll for many employees and doesn’t have more equipment than he can manage, he quickly bounced back after the coronavirus struck.

While Klingenfuss initially lost a large chunk of business after the virus was announced, he quickly managed to drum up new work by reaching out to his trusted customer base.

Communication Benefits

David Klingenfuss says that another perk of running a lean company is the communication. When you run a smaller company, it’s much easier to communicate with clients and keep track of what was said. It’s also easier to maintain a consistent brand voice and deliver a positive customer experience.

Klingenfuss says that his customers experience a high level of service and satisfaction each time because he has over three decades of experience in the electrical contracting business. This means that each time customers interact with his company, they have the help of an electrician with over thirty years of experience.

Building Relationships

Since David Klingenfuss is the main person who interacts with his clients, he is able to build relationships with customers from the first interaction.

He does his best to learn about their needs and preferences and is able to deliver excellent customer service for that reason. There is no middleman that engages with the customer, so Klingenfuss is able to build authentic relationships directly.

Customers get his full attention, and for that reason, they often come back to him for repeat work.

Klingenfuss is now planning to expand his electrical contracting business with a new hire and a new vehicle, but he reached this milestone only after decades of experience, relationship nurturing and time in the trade. To learn more about David Klingenfuss, you can visit his website here.

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