Dave Fox is a man who inspires and is inspired by great entrepreneurs who have paved the way for him.

Dave Fox is a man who inspires and is inspired by great entrepreneurs who have paved the way for him.

He says, “My favorite quote is by Tony Robbins: “Life happens for you, not to you.” So many people look at their problems from a victim mentality. But if we could just begin to see every problem as an opportunity, I believe we can go much further.”

Dave began Focus Global Talent Solutions in January 2018. Focus is radically changing how staffing and recruiting works for niche areas of technology. Focus’ motto is, “We take the pain out of recruitment so you can focus on what you do best.” 

Focus was created with the belief that many companies over-complicate their recruitment process, especially when looking for in-demand, niche talent. Focus simplifies this process through a variety of innovative methods.

As Dave explains, “GTS works with companies around the country and using their cutting edge recruitment process they’ll typically cut in half the time it would typically take to fill a position. The Corporate Executive Board recently did a study and found that it costs a company $500 per day for an open position. With our cutting edge process Focus is saving companies thousands of dollars.” 

Focus GTS has quickly risen as a major player in the niche technology recruiting space through a streamlined, fast, and efficient candidate selection process. Dave explains, “First, you have to know what you’re looking for. You don’t just need someone great; you need someone who’s great for your company where it is now. Then you need evidence that they’ll fit the role. At Focus GTS, everyone takes two psychological profile tests to make sure they have what it takes.”

Mastering the candidate selection process is difficult and time-consuming, and a skyrocketing number of companies are turning to Focus GTS in order to quickly find and recruit the best talent for their roles, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Recruitment costs, and the costs involved with replacing and training new hires, can be catastrophic when not done efficiently, and Focus GTS has nicely filled this need for a variety of organizations.

Of course, no organization grows strong without strong leadership. 

Dave explains his ultimate vision:

“I want to be known as someone who never puts limits on what’s possible. At the end of my life, I don’t want to wonder what could have been. I want to know that I got everything out of life that I could.

I’ve been a mixed martial arts fan for years. I have a motto: “Make life tap out.” Often, people go through life and just give in to whatever life gives them. I want life to submit to me!”

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