Crypto Fight Night Set to Host Electrifying Boxing Showdown in Dubai this November

Crypto Fight Night Set to Host Electrifying Boxing Showdown in Dubai this November

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The most anticipated boxing event of the year, Crypto Fight Night (CFN), is scheduled to unfold on 24th November at the Yume Theatre at Ramee Dream Hotel, Downtown Dubai. CFN is proud to be the exclusive home of the coveted WBC Crypto Title, bringing a fusion of cryptocurrency and boxing in a spectacle like never before.

In a thrilling matchup, the 2022 WBC Crypto Title holder Trading Lord will be defending his title against the robust newcomer Krown, in a battle that epitomizes the blend of finance and pugilism that is influencer boxing. This clash of titans is poised to set the stage ablaze, embodying the spirit of competition that CFN stands for.

Further stoking the flames of competition, Khalid Nasir will step into the ring to contend for the WBC Middle East Title against the formidable Ernest Kapinga. Their bout is one of the marquee events that encapsulates the essence of professional boxing and the regional rivalry that adds fervor to the CFN narrative.

The night will be packed with over 13 professional and exhibition bouts, showcasing an array of talented pugilists from across the globe. Each fight promises to deliver a blend of skill, tenacity, and the indomitable spirit that characterizes the sport of boxing.

Adding a touch of celebrity allure to the event, the Crypto Fight Night TV Title will be fiercely contested as Aaron Chalmers, known for his MTV fame and a massive social media following of over 5 million, takes on Warren Spencer. Under the tutelage of Andrew Tate, Spencer has rigorously prepared to challenge Chalmers in a bout that is sure to be a war from the first bell.

Crypto Fight Night is more than just a boxing event; it’s a celebration of the convergence of traditional sports and modern-day financial technology, exemplified by the enthralling contests set to unfold in the heart of Dubai.

Tickets are now available for purchase, offering boxing aficionados and crypto enthusiasts a chance to witness history in the making in an evening that promises relentless action, drama, and a showcase of the indomitable spirit of competition.

A special acknowledgment goes to Bybit, a sponsor that holds paramount importance in the shows endeavors.

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bybit has been a steadfast supporter since day 1 and is now embarking on its third year of collaboration with CFN, underscoring their unwavering commitment to the shared vision.

Equally noteworthy is Ghaf Capital, a rapidly growing and trailblazing blockchain venture capital fund based in Dubai. Their support adds a distinctive touch to our event, showcasing the dynamism of the blockchain industry in the region.

Moreover, the support from Phemex, a distinguished cryptocurrency exchange specializing in both spot and derivatives trading, alongside contributions from various other noteworthy sponsors, plays a crucial role in enhancing the vibrancy and ensuring the success of our event. Crypto Fight Night is also proudly presented by Savy Promotions and endorsed by Mauricio Sulaiman, the President of the World Boxing Council.

The co-founders, including Rookie XBT, Jai Vora, Raghav ‘Reggie’ Jerath, Mohd Abu Salah, and Rahul Suri, who is both the co-founder of CFN and the founder of Savy Promotions, share a common belief in the event’s core philosophy.

Rahul commented, “The ethos of Crypto Fight Night is centered on the concept of being created and operated by the community, for the community. As founders, we have constructed a platform to elevate competition to its pinnacle and unite fans under a singular belief: everything is possible!”

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