Correct workout plan with an appropriate diet is the path to staying fit: Nirmal Singh

Correct workout plan with an appropriate diet is the path to staying fit: Nirmal Singh

In this fast-moving and unpredictable world, people have begun treating their bodies right by exercising, dieting, etc. Though, to stay fit people often choose extreme diet plans which end up affecting their health. To starve yourself to attain the desired body type isn’t a solution. In order to get fit, incorporating proper exercise, having a balanced healthy diet, and opting for a beneficial lifestyle are a must. Nirmal Singh – a fitness enthusiast and a certified trainer is a person with experience in transforming numerous lives with his skills and expertise.

Nirmal Singh began his career in the world of fitness in 2010 by training under many gym instructors. He learned new skills and paid attention to the important details or tips shared by the instructors. From here, he slowly climbed up the ladder to become a personal instructor, certified trainer, fitness influencer, fitness manager, and entrepreneur.

Nirmal is a kind, passionate, optimistic, and charismatic man who goes out of the way to assist his clients. His approach is unique and unlike any other trainer. Nirmal began his venture – NirmalFitness – in 2019 and trained numerous individuals with his personalised diet plans, fitness programs, and more. To reach more people and be a contributing party in their fitness journey, Nirmal began online training for the ease of people to train and stay fit at home. This digital shift worked in his favour as the pandemic caused a lockdown in the beginning months of 2020.

Nirmal is disciplined in his professional and personal life. To maintain a charmingly sculpted body, he ensures to workout daily and has balanced meals. Being a fitness enthusiast himself, Nirmal participated in Open Mr Delhi, and Mr India competitions. He has also been an incredible trainer to several aspiring bodybuilders who wish to participate in physique competitions, by assisting them with bodybuilding, and proper diet charts, and motivating them to stay focused on the goal. “I live and teach by the motto that health is a feeling isn’t a look and believe whole-heartedly in my mission to get people Up and Moving!” shares Nirmal.

NirmalFitness offer several plans to its clients such as weight loss, weight gain, muscle mass gain, training for bodybuilding competitions, etc. Nirmal has also worked with celebrities and helped them achieve the desired body type. To inspire youth and other fitness buffs, Nirmal posts his workout, transformation stories, client feedback, etc on social media channels such as Instagram. Nirmal has whopping 524K followers as of now. Every day, there are more than 13K views on his Insta stories and high engagement rates.

In a decade, Nirmal has created a brand out of NirmalFitness with his proficiency in fitness, passion to stay fit, helping others get fit, and knowledge about fitness and diet plans. NirmalFitness is the first choice that comes to mind if you want to transform your body to stay healthy and fit.

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