Common Diseases in dogs during the rainy season

Common Diseases in dogs during the rainy season

5 diseases that affect dogs during the rainy season. If we know about them, we can take better precautions and keep them safe. So, here they are:

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1:Ticks And Fleas

However canines can get ticks and bugs any opportunity in the year, they run especially wild during the mansoon. Grass will in general become long and when your dog walks around in it, ticks and bugs can easily lock onto their fur.

While there are many tick and insect shampoos, we really do recommend to involve regular solutions for your canine. Numerous bug and tick shampoos have a ton of synthetic substances and exploration has shown joins between tick shampoos and cellular breakdown in the lungs.

By using natural alternatives, you can keep them safe for longer without compromising on their health and safety.

2. Kennel Cough

The cooler temperatures and the sudden rise in humidity during the monsoon directly impacts their immunity. This is why dogs are more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections during this time of the year.

While kennel cough attacks the dog’s respiratory system. But in most cases, Kennel Cough is not a severe condition. But since it weakens their immune system, they become susceptible to other illnesses. Make sure their vaccinations are up to date so that they are safe from other conditions.

Other than keeping their vaccinations up to date, a few weeks of complete rest and time away from their canine friends is all they need to bounce back to health.

3. Parvo

Another common infectious disease that affects dogs when their immune system is Parvo. Parvo is much more severe than kennel cough. This virus affects the gut and you can see symptoms like bloat, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Treatment is absolutely crucial and you need it on an emergency basis. It commonly affects puppies and senior dogs and while other viruses can get treated, this one needs to be taken very seriously.

If you treat your puppy before there is blood in their vomit and stool you can save their life otherwise, the disease has a 10% mortality rate.

Vaccination is absolutely crucial if you want to keep this condition at bay. Make sure their vaccinations are up to date so that you can keep them safe from this dreadful disease.

4. Intestinal Parasites

During the rainy season, there are critters everywhere and some of it may land up in your dog’s stomach. It may be because they ended up drinking rainwater, or they ate something nasty outside. The chances of them getting parasites in their stomach are much more during the monsoons.

Many dogs like to eat grass during the rainy season because it is cold and fresh. But this is also how many parasites land up in their stomach.

Severe parasitic infections can lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, hair loss, lethargy etc.

However, this is nothing a simple deworming tablet can’t fix. Make sure they are on schedule with their deworming schedule. An adult dog should have a deworming tablet once in 3 months and it is crucial that you maintain their deworming schedule especially during the monsoon season.

If you can get them to have one session before the monsoons, and one right after, there is nothing like it.

5. Ear Infections

If your dog has droopy ears, they are much more susceptible to ear infections. The atmosphere is very humid during the monsoons, and since their ears are droopy, there is very little air that gets into their ears.

Dogs like Beagles and Labradors are prone to ear infections all ear round, but during the monsoon, they are much more susceptible to it. Check their ears once a week and you can pat them dry with a clean cloth.

Do not use anything moist to clean their ears or let water get into their ears when they are taking a bath. This can cause ear infections.

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