Chimpzee’s $2.7 Million Presale Success: Leading the Web3 Revolution for Environmental Conservation and Animal Welfare in 2024

Chimpzee’s $2.7 Million Presale Success: Leading the Web3 Revolution for Environmental Conservation and Animal Welfare in 2024

Panama City, Panama, 21st Dec 2023 – Chimpzee Raises Over $2.7 Million in Presale, Emerges as a Leading Web3 Project Dedicated to Environmental Conservation and Animal Welfare

The Chimpzee, a groundbreaking Web3 project committed to environmental conservation and animal welfare, has exceeded expectations by securing an impressive $2.7 million during its presale. The overwhelming community support positions Chimpzee as one of the most promising projects to watch in 2024.

Chimpzee’s presale gained widespread attention for its unique fusion of blockchain technology with a dedication to saving the planet. The project aims to forge a sustainable future by harnessing the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3.

Revolutionizing the Crypto Landscape

Chimpzee’s success is attributed to its innovative vision and the global community that shares its commitment to both saving the planet and reaping benefits. The funds raised in the presale will be employed to further develop the Chimpzee ecosystem, implement key features, and expand its reach to make a lasting impact on environmental and wildlife preservation.

Listing on P2B Exchange in January 2024

Chimpzee is poised to make waves in the cryptocurrency space by listing on the prestigious P2B Exchange in January 2024. This marks a significant milestone for the project, providing a platform for broader accessibility and trading opportunities.

Chimpzee in 2023 and Beyond

As one of the standout projects of 2023, Chimpzee continues to captivate the crypto community’s interest. The team remains committed to transparency, innovation, and creating a positive global impact while ensuring community benefits. The listing on P2B Exchange is anticipated to attract a broader audience to the Chimpzee ecosystem.

About Chimpzee

Chimpzee is the pioneering Web3 project that offers three ways for people to earn passive income while simultaneously contributing to animal welfare and combating climate change. The new Chimpzee green initiative places significant emphasis on protecting Earth’s natural environment, increasing public awareness, and revolutionizing the way individuals contribute to charitable organizations addressing endangered species and climate change.

Social Media:

Twitter: Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) / X (


Company Details

Organization: Chimpzee
Contact Person: John Stewards
City: Panama City
Country: Panama

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