Chibi Lab To Announce “Chibi Frens” Companions That Has The Metaverse Gaming Community Buzzing

Chibi Lab To Announce “Chibi Frens” Companions That Has The Metaverse Gaming Community Buzzing

Sydney, Australia – The future of gamification serves as a massive opportunity in gaming and the Metaverse. According to Bloomberg, the primary market for online gaming may exceed $400 billion in 2024. One NFT creator, Chibi Lab, is leveraging this opportunity to create a more immersive and interactive gaming experience for gamers.

The upcoming launch of the Chibi companions ‘Chibi Frens’ has the Metaverse gaming community buzzing as minting of this NFT means they can now have a companion and partner pet to their Chibi. This launch will play an integral role in the next monumental phase in their roadmap.

All Chibi holders have the opportunity to claim a Chibi Fren for each Chibi they own, 1:1 to their existing Genesis, Apes, and Galaxy. Holders of all three current generations will also have the opportunity to unlock a special claim. 

Chibi Lab shares, “Each Chibi Fren will be minted as an egg, transformed into an adorable baby, and a full-grown pet. For your pet to evolve, you will need to complete missions that let you ‘level up’ your Chibi Fren via the Chibi mini-game.” 

To carry out “missions,” owners of Chibi Fren will be required to use a “trainer.” The trainer can be an existing Chibi they own or other selected avatars. Once their Chibi Fren is fully grown, the gamer will have the opportunity to enhance their Fren’s into high-performance gamers.

With each Chibi Fren having a unique design, traits, and key attributes that dictate its value and performance, gamers will have full IP ownership, access to rigged 3D files, regular art airdrops, community events, and access to the alpha group.

Bloomberg also estimates the global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024 versus approximately $500 billion in 2020. While gaming in the Metaverse is fun, it’s also critical that owners have full transparency of the roadmap ahead.

Below is a roadmap of the Chibi Frens mint that will take place in April 2022:

  • 4/12/22 Allow-list mint (3300 @ 0.05 ETH), only for selected communities.
  • 4/13/22 Public mint, for any unsold supply, open until sellout.
  • 4/14/22 Free claim for Chibi holders + special claim for holders of all 3 generations (Tier 1).

Society is on the edge of mass adoption of the Metaverse as our physical and virtual worlds become merged. In addition, as gaming becomes more immersive, this means gamers can interact in new and innovative ways. One of the most profound benefits of the Chibi Frens NFT ownership is that gamers only pay for gas. No snapshot is required, and eligible Chibi Frens can be claimed at the time of mint. 

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