Chery unveils concept automobiles A9 and T11 as part of the debut of their new energy vehicle line, “Fengyun”

Chery unveils concept automobiles A9 and T11 as part of the debut of their new energy vehicle line, “Fengyun”

Chery introduced the Fengyun, a new series of new energy vehicles, together with the Fengyun A9 and T11 concept automobiles.

The name “Fengyun” holds extraordinary importance for Chery. In 1999, Chery’s most memorable car, “Fengyun,” moved off the creation line and denoted the start of Chery’s excursion in autonomous vehicle producing.

Fueled by the Kunpeng mixture C-DM, Fengyun joins execution and energy effectiveness, conveying more than adequate power across all speed ranges. With a maximum velocity of 240 km/h on expressways, Fengyun succeeds in fast driving. Prominently, it accomplishes exceptional energy proficiency, with a WLTC-evaluated utilization of just 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers and a battery-controlled scope of more than 200 kilometers on a solitary charge.

Fengyun focuses on wellbeing with an extensive methodology that covers vehicle security, battery security, and data security. It includes a lightweight space container produced using high-strength steel and aluminum, alongside broad utilization of intensity shaped steel and super high-strength steel, accomplishing predominant generally vehicle wellbeing. The Shouhuzhe (meaning “Watchman”) battery wellbeing framework offers triple security guidelines, opposing intensity, effect, and water, guaranteeing the battery’s wellbeing all through its lifecycle. Furthermore, Fengyun is furnished with a far reaching security key framework in light of the EU R155 CSMS/R156 Totals certificate, giving full insurance to client data.

As far as knowledge, Fengyun flaunts L3+ independent driving abilities, offering clients City/Parkway NOP (Route on Pilot) capabilities in complex situations like city crossing points, traffic circles, and limited paths. It additionally presents memory stopping, which supports cross-level and 1-kilometer way memory, decreasing the intricacy of stopping. Moreover, the full-stack self-created LION operating system from Chery, joined with simulated intelligence huge models, gives a consistent clever lodge driving experience for clients.

During the send off occasion, Chery introduced the worldwide introduction of two idea vehicles, the Fengyun A9 and T11. Later on, Chery’s Fengyun series intends to deliver 11 new models in two years or less.

Chery has likewise fostered another help framework devoted to Fengyun clients, laying out 400 deals outlets and 1,500 assistance focuses from one side of the country to the other.


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