Check Releases Innovative  devices Improving Payroll Service Assistance

Check Releases Innovative  devices Improving Payroll Service Assistance

Payroll as a service headquartered in the US A new suite of tools has been released by API Check to aid in the establishment of new payroll companies.

In particular, Check has introduced tools for Credit & Fraud Protection, Embedded Setup, and Embedded Support. These add to the company’s core embedded payroll API and Check Components, offering platforms getting into the payroll business solutions. Challenges including fraud management, data migration, compliance, and support are the focus of the new tools.

Check representatives emphasized the importance of these tools in the development of embedded finance and payroll in the official press release. By offering a completely embeddable business line with enhanced unit economics and lower risk, the suite of products seeks to simplify the challenges involved in starting and running a payroll service.

A detailed examination of these new products

The press release goes on to emphasize that payroll fraud is a significant threat that affects many firms, with small businesses being at double the risk of larger organizations. In order to address these issues, Check’s Credit & Fraud Protection was created. It includes fraud monitoring and prevention services, offers credit underwriting to speed up employee payments, and assumes credit and fraud losses. Because of this, platforms may avoid financial risks without having to set up their own teams for compliance, credit, fraud, and regulation.

Embedded Setup, an end-to-end solution for onboarding new employers or transferring current ones to Check’s payroll system, was created to expedite the onboarding process for customers in the payroll business. Data migration is part of this to cut down on the amount of time needed for onboarding.

The demand for prompt, dependable support in payroll procedures is met via embedded support. Essentially, businesses may get real-time responses to payroll-related questions from Check’s Embedded Support, which spares platforms from having to staff a payroll support personnel. The intention is to free up organizations to concentrate on expansion and client delight while Check’s staff takes care of payroll-related queries and problems.

Additional details regarding Check

Check, which was established in January 2021, has grown to be a significant payroll platform that helps businesses easily incorporate payroll into their systems.

Check’s official press release states that since the company’s founding, numerous SaaS providers and sizable horizontal labor management platforms have constructed prosperous payroll businesses on its foundation. In addition, Stripe, Thrive Capital, Index Ventures, and Bedrock support Check.


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