Celebrity Stylist Manasa Subramani: A Journey of Fashion, Celebrities and Wardrobe Must-Haves

Celebrity Stylist Manasa Subramani: A Journey of Fashion, Celebrities and Wardrobe Must-Haves

Manasa Subramani is a celebrity fashion stylist and a fashion blogger. Here she speaks about her experience working with celebrity clients, wardrobe must haves and her career between two countries.

Your fashion mantra.

My fashion mantra is to always be true to yourself and wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable

How is it working with the celebrities?

Working with celebrities can indeed be both exciting and challenging. Celebrities often have specific style preferences and it’s essential to pay attention to the smallest details to ensure their outfits are perfect for events or appearances.

What are the must-haves in one’s wardrobe?

A well-fitted pair of well-fitted jeans, a versatile blazer, a little black dress, comfortable shoes and classic accessories are all timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched for various occasions.

How difficult is to convince your clients with your choice of styling?

Convincing clients about your styling choices can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. However, by explaining your reasoning behind your choices and offering alternative options that align with their personal style, you can help them see the potential and make informed decisions.

You are so stylish yourself so how do you credit yourself for that?

It’s by drawing inspiration from fashion icons while staying true to your own style. Finding that balance is key to developing a unique and authentic personal style.

Do you have any plans of starting your own brand?

While starting my own brand is a definite consideration, my current focus remains on nurturing my career as a stylist.”

How do you manage work between two countries?

Balancing work across two countries can present challenges, but with a resilient team and advanced technology, it is certainly achievable. Effective communication and meticulous organization play pivotal roles.

Your fashion tip to all the youngsters today when it comes to fashion.

It’s important for youngsters to embrace their individuality, wear what they love, and not be afraid to step outside their comfort zones when it comes to fashion. Taking risks and exploring different styles can lead to discovering their own unique fashion journey.

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