Celebrating Size With Style: Tips for Choosing Luxury Hats for Larger Heads

Celebrating Size With Style: Tips for Choosing Luxury Hats for Larger Heads

You can get a luxury hat and rock it with style if you have a larger head. There are plenty of options, including vintage and modern styles.

So, if you’re ready to celebrate size with style, keep reading! We’ll help you find the perfect luxury hat.

1. Get an Accurate Head Measurement

No matter what type of hat you’re looking for, you must get an accurate head measurement first. Simply take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the circumference of your head right below your eyebrows. Then, take note of the measurement.

Most online hat companies will provide you with a size guide somewhere. You can compare the circumference of your head to the chart for the most accurate fit. Make sure to size up if you fall between two different hat sizes. 

It’s important to always look at the sizing chart provided by a brand before buying a hat because the sizing could be specific to that particular company. Most hats use similar sizing, but it’s always better to make sure for yourself first.

2. Choose a Luxury Hat Style

Luxury hat styles include a wide selection of designs and materials. However, the materials should always be high-quality. With luxury hats, you’ll generally pay more because they’re made from higher quality materials, although that means they’ll last a lot longer and look nicer.

Start by thinking about the luxury hat style you want. These are the most popular choices:

  • Classic fedoras: These big hats are timeless and very classy. Most luxury fedoras consist of felt or wool. They’re perfectly shaped for larger heads, although you may want to choose one with a wide brim for more balance.
  • Timeless trilbies: These hats resemble fedoras, although they have shorter brims and slant down in the front. They’re very stylish and utilize silk, wool, and cashmere.
  • Formal top hats: Next, these hats are best for special occasions. They usually consist of felt or silk.
  • Fur hat/ushanka: These hats are highly luxurious and look great on larger heads. They consist of animal fur, usually mink or fox, making them unique.
  • Stylish beanies: Did you know that there are luxury beanies? You’ll want to choose one made from a high-quality material, like cashmere. They look great on everyone’s head and are stylish, warm, and versatile.

You’ll want to look at multiple styles to find the best one. Many people enjoy experimenting with their accessories, so you’ll have fun looking for a new luxury hat style. Check out Pinterest boards and online articles for more inspiration on hat styles.

3. Try Custom Made Hats

Custom hats can be very luxurious. You’ll also get several benefits, including a perfect fit, which can be challenging in some head sizes. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind accessory, too, which makes it more valuable to many people. 

Many appreciate that they can personalize every part of the hat. You can choose the general style and materials, plus the colors and even the size and shape of the brim. Adjusting the crown is also beneficial because you can make it deeper, giving your hat a better fit.

You also receive enhanced craftsmanship with handmade hats. Hat makers are very dedicated and passionate about their craft, so you know that your hat will receive great attention to detail.

Overall, custom hats are one of the best options for getting a luxury item. You’ll know that the hat fits well and what materials went into making it. As an added benefit, no one else will have a similar hat, making yours rare and unique.

4. Study Customer Reviews

You can find customer reviews online for any brand today. You’ll want to make sure that you look into the company before buying any hats from them. The reviews will give you some insight into the average customer’s experiences so you can better understand what to expect from the hat.

Many reviews will also let you know how accurate the fit of the hats is. You’ll want to make sure that they can fit larger heads correctly. 

While looking into customer reviews, you’ll also want to check the return policy quickly. You want to know that you can return the hat if it doesn’t fit how you need it to.

In short, checking customer reviews before buying anything online is always a good idea. You’ll want to do this before getting a new hat, too, since you won’t be able to try it on in person.

5. Consider Your Style and Purpose

Next, it can be difficult to narrow down the exact type of hat that you want to wear. Thinking about your unique sense of style and the reason why you want to wear a hat can help you choose.

Do you want something more formal or casual? Knowing the answer can drastically narrow your options, making picking a hat you’ll love easier. 

Many luxury hats are formal, but you can still find casual ones. These hats often dress up an outfit, bringing it to the next style level.

6. Set a Reasonable Budget

Luxury hats will cost more than the ones you can buy in local shops. You’ll need to make sure you set a budget that you can stick to. That way, you don’t accidentally overspend.

To do this, you’ll want to research the hats you like first and see what price range they tend to fall into. Make sure you check out plenty of different options to estimate an average for your ideal luxury hat.

Celebrate Size With a Stylish New Hat

Now, you’re ready to pick a luxury hat! There are many styles to choose from; you’ll surely find one that works with your fashion sense. You must look for good craftsmanship and materials in your luxury hat.

We recommend finding your hat size first and then determining what styles you like most. After that, you can get a custom-made hat if you want something truly luxurious. 

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