Cardiologist, Who Help People Have Holistic Approach

Cardiologist, Who Help People Have Holistic Approach

If medical professionals lack something, it is TIME. Yes, medicine is one of the busiest professions in the world. Doctors have the busiest schedules ever. They can do anything, but taking out time from their busy schedule is the most challenging task for them. But some of the Doctors don’t mind burning the midnight oil in order to help society. One such doctor I will talk about is Dr. Biprajit Parbat, famously known as a good life evangelist

Dr. Biprajit Parbat is very well-known for his outside-the-box approach in the field. I got a chance to interact with him over the phone. Believe you me; it was a great success to get his time; as I said, doctors are really busy people. But, somehow, he managed to spare ten minutes from his busy schedule, which was a great win for me.

I wanted to talk to him because I always found his blog very knowledgeable and informative. Most of his blogs are on the mind, food, and how to have a healthy life with simple changes in life, etc. This is something that you cannot expect from a Cardiologist, of course. I mean, it was a bit flabbergasting for me – a Cardiologist helping people have a holistic approach.

During the discourse, Dr. Biprajit Parbat shared quite exciting things. However, the best was his objective behind starting the blog.

Dr. Parbat said, “Medical profession is very demanding, and time is the major constraint in it. However, I always wanted to do something for the world, something that can give me peace. Thankfully, we are in the era of technology that helped me to attain my goal of helping a large number of people.”

He further added, “You won’t believe how much I want to educate each patient of mine about healthy living. But as usual, each time, I have to conclude my talk with a few tips because the other ten patients are waiting outside. So I thought of starting a blog to educate people about a healthy lifestyle and its benefits. The blog that I have created is for everybody and anybody. I found it the best way to reach out to the masses in one go. In my blog, I share basic tips and tricks there so that the ones who read can benefit.”

“I believe our minds and our food habits are the major cause of illness. If we can control these two, we can have a healthy body and a happy life. And the same things I share there on my blog. My only objective is to help people lead a healthy life,” said Dr. Parbat, “I represent an enhancement of physical and mental health to fit one’s current profession and lifestyle so-much that his physical and mental health express his best self – the happy self with highest productivity and creativity.”

Dr. Parbat then concluded and said, “According to me, the offense is the best form of defense. A person’s best productive and creative self is the best answer to the prevention of diseases that the stress of this ever-changing world brings upon him.”

Wow, that was so sweet of him that he thinks that way! I don’t think many people would think like this. If people know that they can stay healthy by making small changes in their daily lives, they will hardly ever need to visit a doctor. Even after knowing this, Dr. Parbat is sharing the secret to a healthy life; it’s a big deal, at least in today’s time when people only know how to cut each other’s throats.

Isabel Turner

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