Canadian stabbings: Justin Trudeau describes the attacks in Saskatchewan as “horrific and terrible.”

Canadian stabbings: Justin Trudeau describes the attacks in Saskatchewan as “horrific and terrible.”

There were 13 different crime scenes involved in the stabbings, which resulted in at least 10 fatalities and over a dozen other injuries. They were some of the bloodiest mass murders in contemporary Canadian history, and their effects were bound to be felt all around the nation.

The horrifying stabbings in Saskatchewan  have been denounced by Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, who has called the act “horrific and tragic.” In a series of knife attacks that occurred early on Sunday in the Canadian state of Saskatchewan, at least 10 people were killed and 15 more were injured (local time). There are initiatives to find the suspects.

“The attacks that took place in Saskatchewan today are horrifying and tragic. Both those who have lost a loved one and those who have been hurt are on my mind. I’m praying for anyone who suffered injuries or lost a loved one.

We are keeping a careful eye on the situation and advise everyone to stay informed of any changes from the local authorities. Trudeau tweeted, “I want to thank all the heroic first responders for their work on the ground.

The stabbings across 13 crime scenes were among the deadliest mass killings in modern Canadian history and certain to reverberate throughout the country, which is unaccustomed to bouts of mass violence seen more commonly in the neighbouring United States.

Suspects on the run

Canada Police has named two suspects – Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson – who are currently on the run.

Marco Mendicino, minister of Public Safety of Canada, has urged the city’s residents to stay safe and take shelter. “To everyone in Saskatchewan, especially those in proximity to the James Smith Cree First Nation area, please shelter in place and stay safe,” he tweeted.

Residents in the capital area of Regina were also being advised to not approach suspicious persons and to not pick up hitchhikers. The RCMP also asked them to report suspicious persons, emergencies or information to 911. They have also been asked to not share the locations of police.

Police checkpoints have been set up throughout Saskatchewan, at least from Prince Albert to Regina, with officers checking identification.

The alert was first issued at 7:12am Canada time and has since had several rounds of alarm bells. A 10am update from the Saskatchewan RCMP said there are multiple victims in multiple locations and it appeared that the victims were being attacked at random.

Weldon, in Saskatchewan province, is located about 50 kilometres southeast of Prince Albert, and about 25 kilometres southwest of James Smith Cree Nation. In response to the “mass casualties” in James Smith Cree Nation, the community, along with the Chakastaypasin Band of the Cree Nation and Peter Chapman Band, declared a state of emergency at noon Sunday, reported CBC.

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