Canadian Model Lucky Von Colucci to Make Acting and KPOP Debut

Canadian Model Lucky Von Colucci to Make Acting and KPOP Debut

Canadian model Lucky Von Colucci will replace his older brother Saint Von Colucci on upcoming projects after an incident with his brother early this year.

The brothers are identical, and vocals and videos of Saint were shot before the incident, with Lucky replacing only the necessary parts and making media appearances for promotions.

Saint’s contract had included clauses that made it mandatory for his twin brother Lucky to replace him in all promotional activities if Saint was unable to due to force of nature, which is the case now.

Lucky looks and sounds just like Saint, and although he didn’t intend to pursue entertainment, he is also musically trained as well. Differences between the two brothers are undetectable by the naked eye, and even close relatives of each other sometimes could not tell who was who.

Lucky is saddened by the loss of his brother but is committed to jumping into action.

They are so alike that Saint used to joke, “If someday something happens to me, Lucky can replace me, and nobody will ever know it’s not me.”

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