Business capital entrepreneur and a public servant to the community, Jamere Todd

Business capital entrepreneur and a public servant to the community, Jamere Todd

Jamere Todd is a 31-year-old entrepreneur who is showing people that creating wealth isn’t hard. He has a dream of starting a nonprofit organization for financial literacy. Jamere’s educational background includes an associate’s degree in Hospitality Management and Aviation Operations from the community college of the Air Force. Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a Master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in public policy.

Jamere lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. His life changed when he recognized his true potential. He was influenced and impacted by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals. Soon he realized that this journey would not be easy and there is no overnight success. It took great dedication and personal development within himself to continue on this path and not give up. Jamere was then able to secure over $200,000 of funding for his businesses within a year. He invested in himself and various other businesses both passive and active investments. Some of his most well-known passive investments are e-commerce and cryptocurrency. Also, he has utilized his business funding by starting a Turo fleet of cars in addition to purchasing and rehabbing homes.

Jamere has always been passionate to help and assist the community in educating the masses about the importance of financial literacy and how to leverage credit to attain capital. “The wisdom that I would share with other individuals is, never settle for feeling comfortable, become familiar and aware of the feeling of being uncomfortable because that sets the tone of true entrepreneurship to continuously progress in all of your endeavors. You must find mentorship, and never run anyone else’s race but yours. We all do not start at the same place and we do not run at the same pace.”

Lessons that people can learn from Jamere are that you do not have to be a product of your environment, pressure builds a diamond and you only give up when you quit. He has taken losses but has turned them into lessons, lessons that he can share with individuals to prevent them from doing the same things that he has done.

Jamere looks forward to educating people about financial literacy and promoting awareness in the community. He wants to expand and grow his brand. His next goal is 2 million in total funding for his clients.

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