Building a Better ‘YOU’ Through Mindfulness

Building a Better ‘YOU’ Through Mindfulness

Our mind and body have a superpower that’s in deep slumber until the events in our life trigger it. That superpower is mindfulness. It allows us to develop skills and adopt practices to get rid of thoughts about things that aren’t inherently true. The idea is to understand that when we’re practicing mindfulness, we’re practicing the art of creating space to think, breathe, and react.

The question that stands is how can we use this natural superpower to become a better version of ourselves? Let’s understand together.

A One-Way Ticket to Wellbeing

Life can be challenging at times as today’s fast-paced era takes its toll on us. Fortunately, increasing our capacity for mindfulness can guide us to live satisfying lives. Further, experts suggest that it allows us to savor and cherish the little pieces of joy we often overlook. Living in the present will allow us not to get caught up with the worries of tomorrow and the regrets of the past.

Mindfulness Helps in Being Physically Healthy

Scientists have discovered that mindfulness aids physical health improvement in different ways while helping relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and even lower blood pressure. So, if you’re looking for one reason to practice mindfulness know that it keeps you healthy, which is key to a long life.

Improving Mental Health

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of mental health in our lives. The odds are that our physical health can somewhat be catered to; it is keeping tabs on our mental health that requires more effort. In recent years, psychotherapists have chosen mindfulness meditation as an essential element in treating several problems. Most experts believe that practicing mindfulness can help resolve conflicts within couples.

In his book, The Real Truth, Dana Axelrod discusses mental discipline. As humans, we don’t respond well to mental discipline. The instinctual response is that our brains have got to work harder. Dana suggests that if we use the art of mental discipline to improve our mental stature, we can progress toward a more positive tomorrow.

Keeping our Emotions in Check

Being overly emotional is considered a weakness, and rightly so, if you have to deal with people daily. Being mindful allows you to be more in control of your emotional landscape. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to negate your feelings. You can navigate your responses better if you can channel your emotions correctly.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which lens you look from, mindfulness allows you to be better in control of your life. It’s a common notion that those who balance their lives more calmly can lead better lives. Practicing mindfulness allows us to be more in tune with ourselves, embodying self-love, wisdom, and patience. Dana Axelrod’s new book, The Real Truth, shares the truth about living life to our fullest. The truth is that the world’s darkness has overpowered the light, and we are slowly being consumed by it. On the brighter side, we can change only if we actually begin to do it. Order your copy of his book today and take the first step.

Derek Robins

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