Breezeline Introduces Service for Mobile Phones

Breezeline Introduces Service for Mobile Phones

The top internet, TV, and phone provider in the United States, Breezeline, has started offering mobile phone service in a number of places within its coverage area, including New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, and other areas.

With flexible, cost-effective options, Breezeline Mobile provides dependable, countrywide service. Breezeline Internet and the service are combined, and Breezeline customers who add the new mobile service will receive an extra multi-service discount of up to $10 per month.

Features of Breezeline Mobile:

  • A strong, leading mobile network that offers outstanding coverage and connection
  • Unlimited text and voice across the country
  • Reasonably priced Pay-per-gig data packages
  • Unlimited data plans begin at $35 per line, per month.

Consumers move their current mobile devices to Breezeline Mobile, which offers ease and added value. Pay-as-you-go means there are no term commitments or cancellation costs associated with the service.

Users can select the Breezeline plan that best suits their needs by customizing the plans on a per-line basis. Customers can also switch Breezeline Mobile plans whenever they’d like.

“Breezeline customers now have a new, affordable way to connect with reliable mobile coverage, flexible plans and exclusive savings through a great bundled discount,” said Heather McCallion, Breezeline’s vice president of new business and business transformation. “In addition to offering a tremendous value, our customers can handpick the ideal plan for each line for a customized connected experience for each user.”

Sanchita Patil

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