Brandon Mason Raises Market in Sports

Brandon Mason Raises Market in Sports

New York, NY USA — The daily grind of watching stocks rise and fall can be a tough journey, but Brandon Mason seems to be increasing his personal market and net-worth in the Sports World. Mason’s history was generated through tons of accolades from his high school years through college breaking records, but the script was flipped after a knee injury.

If you research Brandon Mason, you will see article after article on his awards as an athlete, but he decided to dive into his long term passion in Sports Media. After focusing on social media and branding for several years and building his clients business, Mason decided to expand his own portfolio as a successful entrepreneur. Living in Miami, life is good, but expenses are high which can be a roller-coaster ride for most young businessmen working for themselves. “You must chase your dreams every day and do something you love to avoid losing interest,” says Mason. He grew eager to build the platform he had always dreamed of.

The New Show

Brandon Mason, Founder and Host of “The Brandon Mason Show” is now gaining traction and attention from the media and others in the industry. His experience on the field and his vision has helped him build the true character of An American TV Personality. Mason highlights Trending News, Live Sports Talk and Controversial Topics which others are scared to address. You can see the fast pace picking up with his start-up on YouTube and his growth with over 130K followers on his Instagram Account @BrandonMasonShow. Mason plans to use his Social media across the board to help build his dream and in addition help others gain access to the press with his 2nd IG Handle @SportsAgent. Feel free to check them out! What’s next for Mason?

The Mission

“My true goal is to expand my studio into a full compound where I have the opportunities to host one of the fastest growing shows,” says Mason. The Brandon Mason Show will welcome each guest to create a well anticipated visual and audio through YouTube, radio and other online networks for strong entertainment. Follow Brandon Mason on his journey through all his social media as he plans to excite his fan base.

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