Bloodsucker or not, Morbius Weekend stands at the box office

Bloodsucker or not, Morbius Weekend stands at the box office

There aren’t many interesting new things to see in theaters, and the only thing that guarantees to make at least some money in the post-lockdown period is a superhero movie, the Morbius movie starring Jared Leto. The American topped the box office this weekend. Despite the reviews, and the fact that “no one cares about Morbius” seems to have become a meme, the vaguely Spider-Man-adjacent film grossed $ 39 million at the box office, surpassing the second-ranked The Lost City (which struggled. Its second week, total Dropped to $ 14 million for $ 54 million).

The rest of the list is almost entirely boring, with RRR’s drop from third to sixth is the only real change in last week’s order (which was similar to last week’s order, which was similar to last week’s order). Batman is still hanging, earning just $ 10 million for a total of $ 350 million after five weeks, but in fourth place is the big gap of Uncharted, which earned only $ 3.6 million.

The anime movie Jujutsu Casein 0 is still hanging, with a respectable three-week total gross of 9 1.9 million, about $ 30 million this week. Spider-Man: The house still doesn’t make money, though no one asked, and he rarely killed a dog this week. Finally, at the “Cracked केवळ 1 Million Only” club, we have X and Multiverse Romp Everything Everywhere All at Once, which has made tons of money relative to the number of later theaters (38, just 10 weeks after opening). His total was just $ 1.01 million, but that’s 100 percent more than last week!

Sneha Mali

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