Biotique announces Sara Ali Khan as brand ambassador

Biotique announces Sara Ali Khan as brand ambassador

Sara Ali Khan has been named the brand ambassador for the facial skincare line by the cosmetics company Biotique as part of the launch of their new marketing campaign. It is a cleansing-toning-moisturizing product line promotion that Ogilvy conceptualized as a pan-Indian, 360-degree media campaign.

Vinita Jain, the founder and CMD of Biotique and a pioneer in the Indian beauty business, commented on the launch: “At Biotique, we have dedicated to and take enormous delight in providing ‘farm to skin’ solutions to customers who are looking for efficient skincare and haircare products. Our solutions are made from organically obtained plant extracts and have been shown to deliver effective and long-lasting outcomes using 100 percent ayurvedic formulations and cutting-edge 21st century biotechnology.

Our motto, “Real is really beautiful,” is brought to life in the new campaign film, which centres on “The secret to perfect skin” and stays true to Biotique’s cleansing-toning-moisturizing regimen. The success of this campaign, which highlights Biotique’s dedication to producing quality personal care, beauty, and wellbeing products, makes me very happy to have seen our idea come to reality.

Ishaan Jain, Director of Biotique, welcomed Sara Ali Khan to the company as the brand ambassador for this campaign and stated, “The campaign targets Biotique’s purpose of an early adoption of a healthy skincare regimen for perfect skin among the youth. Sara is a fantastic fit because of her balanced, healthy lifestyle and strong online presence, which makes her relatable to younger people. The motto of Biotique, “Real is really beautiful,” is embodied in her persona.

Sara Ali Khan said, speaking about her partnership with Biotique’s skincare line, “Biotique’s’secret to flawless skin’ offers youth an excellent beauty regimen that delivers rapid results. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Biotique family because I agree with the company’s motto, “Real is really beautiful,” and I favour using goods that are both cutting-edge and traditional. Given that taking care of the skin begins at a very young age, I am conscious of having a holistic facial skincare routine built with natural components, and Biotique’s facial skincare line supports my conviction.

Rakhi Kale

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