Being a Boss Woman – The Importance of Self-Love

Being a Boss Woman – The Importance of Self-Love

We underestimate, undermine, and understate the value of the greatest blessings in life. We’re so quick to judge ourselves and unforgiving of our past mistakes. In the pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves, we forget the basics.

Today’s society has made it difficult for women to own and accept themselves. To strive in a world of conformers, you need to adopt a different approach. One that embodies confidence and a positive mindset and requires acting in every aspect of your life.

Author Maria Gomez devises a benchmark for every woman to work towards in her book, Being a Boss Woman.

But compelled Gomez to write this motivating piece of writing?

Being a Boss Woman

Before we understand what made Maria etch the fundamentals of becoming a boss woman, we must first understand who a boss woman really is.

A boss woman turns heads as she walks in the room, not because she’s clad in glamorous Gucci or Armani, but because she’s wearing confidence. She is the epitome of owning one’s skin and preaching to others to do so. A boss woman is the beacon of hope for all women struggling through society’s pressures.

In a place where kindness is rare, and chivalry is next to dead, women tend to accept the bare minimum and anything remotely acceptable. A boss woman demands what she truly deserves, which is nothing less than the world.

Author Maria Gomez practices what she preaches. A strong woman studying Pre Law at the University of San Diego, she also dabbles in sports such as swimming, soccer, and cheerleading. She has always been someone competing to become the best she can possibly be – the mark of a true boss.

She is socially outgoing, having taken full control of her story. Maria can light up the room with just her smile and uplifts those around her with her exemplary leadership qualities. She has traveled and has been involved in summer programs at the top Swiss boarding schools.

But besides Maria’s impressive portfolio, the biggest asset in her arsenal is her strong self-belief – that she can bring about change whenever and wherever she pleases in her life.

As the saying goes, the people crazy enough to think that they will change the world are the ones who do. Maria dons the flag of empowering women and will stop at nothing to spread this message to those under society’s grasp. Furthermore, she emphasizes that the greatest pursuit of all is the pursuit of happiness.

That is the boss woman code.

The Fundamentals

It’s easier said than done.

Many people will come to you and preach you shiny words about how to become a boss. But it takes the right mindset, dedication, and skills to become a boss woman.

It is nothing less than a journey.

Maria Gomez’s book, Being a Boss Woman, is your guide through that journey. The book expands upon how important it is to shift our perspective. The true pursuit shouldn’t be striving to become someone we’re not and comparing ourselves to others. We’re quick to compare ourselves with photoshopped individuals on the face of magazines and social media.

People show only the parts of themselves they want people to see. This creates a toxic cycle of others pursuing a definition of beauty that is unrealistic. We hide behind filters and suppress who we really are for likes and shares.

We seek external validation when the only validation we need is from ourselves. Maria Gomez states that happiness begins once you shift your focus to having a healthy relationship with yourself and caring for your mind and body.

Boss Up, Queen, Your Tiara Is Falling

The key to unlocking possibilities for yourself is accepting yourself regardless of your flaws. True beauty lies in the imperfections that make you stand out among the crowd. You create a problem in your head when you sabotage yourself with these imperfections. Give yourself a chance, do not hide your scars but wear them like a crown.

You need to find the sweet spot where your outer confidence meets your inner belief that you are truly beautiful – nothing can change that. The main focus should be on goals and aspirations that make you a boss woman.

Maria Gomez’s book speaks to all those women shrouded in the dark, waiting for that one voice to call them into the light of prosperity. Her book is the first step to achieving self-independence and love. Being a Boss Woman is a tribute to all women who want to take control of their lives instead of being bystanders.

Learn it from the best.

You are a queen. Own your crown and boss up!

Remember, the power of success is in one’s mindset.

Derek Robins

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