Beatles-inspired Fab Four Gear: play a cool NFT Trading Card game

Beatles-inspired Fab Four Gear: play a cool NFT Trading Card game

Fab Four Gear has produced a unique collection of NFTs based on very rare musical instruments like the ones the Beatles used. Based on the Ethereum network, these NFTs enable pop superfans to own distinctive Beatles-inspired digital assets. The Beatles are regarded as the most influential band of all time and the demand for NFTs is exploding all over the world!

To celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Beatles first U.S. visit and live television appearance to a then-record breaking 73-million viewers, Fab Four Gear has created the Sullivan Trading Cards Game NFTs dropping in February 2022.

This cool game features all 4 of the instruments like the ones the Beatles played across 4 of the stages they played on during their “Ed Sullivan Show” appearances in February 1964. The NFTs themselves are visually stunning.

To make their game even more fun, FFG have colored all 4 stages, 4 different colors. This results in a collection of up to 64 unique cards and 16 unique sets. Collecting all 16 sets gains winners an Ultimate prize to be revealed later.

The Trading Cards are randomly generated, and if players don’t initially get matching cards they can simply join the Trading Zone channel on FFG’s Discord and find another player with whom to trade.

Fab Four Gear are donating a portion of the sales to 4 different charities supported by John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

A bonus that saves $$$ is that all holders of FFG’s debut NFT, called the Genesis VIP Pass, get early access to all drops, including the Sullivan Trading Card series. Additionally, Pass holders receive a 25% discount during the pre-sale! If you haven’t purchased their VIP Pass yet, it’s still available on their website, so go and grab one right now!

Minting will take place through Fab Four Gear’s website. Stay up-to-date by joining FFG’s Discord and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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