Batwoman star Cameras Johnson denied Ruby Rose’s allegations

Batwoman star Cameras Johnson denied Ruby Rose’s allegations

Batwoman star Camus Johnson has called Ruby Rose’s allegations about the show’s terms “false,” saying Rose was fired because of her on-set behavior.

Batwoman star Camus Johnson has denied recent allegations regarding the on-set terms of Ruby Rose CW’s DC series.

On Twitter, Johnson said Rose was removed from Batwoman for her behavior on the set. “Batfam you know I can’t go all day without saying anything! I love you, don’t assume I haven’t seen all the love today,” Johnson wrote. “But yes Fame, she was removed. And it’s very hard to remove when you’re in the lead. Imagine what you have to do to [do] it.”

Johnson accused Rose of spreading “lies” and wrote, “Since she was claimed to have ‘gone’ last year, I’m sure some of you will be very confused or upset, and many more [sic] were spread lies today. Just knowing that Let’s say we have a lot of great souls working on this show and none of that changes. From top to bottom. “

Earlier this week, Rose complained about her experience working on Batwoman on Instagram, explicitly saying she was kicked out of the show and accusing the show’s producers of unprofessional behavior, unsafe working conditions and rudeness about on-set injuries. , As well as sexual harassment and other abuses against women. Among those named was Peter Roth, former chairman of the Warner Bros. television group, whom she said threatened to throw her under the bus if she did not return to work just 10 days after she was admitted to hospital with a broken neck. Rose called on showrunner Caroline Dries and co-star Dougre Scott, as well as Greg Berlanti and Sarah Shekhtar of Bertlanti Productions.

Johnson himself was also named in the daily post. In particular, Rose called Johnson a “baby of the ego,” claiming that he had punished her passively and aggressively for being late to set a “time”, noting that the only reason for her being late was that she was in the hospital. Rose was apparently surprised by the “courage” of Johnson’s alleged words, as she says he “worked only one day a week.”

Warner Bros. Television Group itself has responded to Rose’s claims and said in a statement, “Despite a reforming history, Ruby Rose is now sharing online with producers, artists and crew, networks and studios, for the purpose of truth. I mean Warner Bros. Television Based on the complaints, Ruby decided not to use the option to engage in Batwoman’s Season Two, which was widely reviewed and handled privately. “

Back in May 2020, when it was announced that Rose was leaving Kate Kane / Batwoman after Batwoman Season 1, the actor explained, “I didn’t take this decision lightly because I have a lot of respect for the cast, the crew and the show in both Vancouver and Los Angeles. Everyone has. “Ryan Wilder’s portrayal of Javisia Leslie, the cover of Batwoman in Season 2, finally returns to the show, played by Kate Kane’s character, Wallis Day.

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