Batman is keeping standing at the box office this weekend

Batman is keeping standing at the box office this weekend

In another week, another superhero movie topped the charts. Once again he is Batman, and once again everything is in exactly the same position as it was on the box office charts last weekend. Money anyway.

For Emo Batman, it added another 66 million last week, bringing the total to $ 238 million (the third or more made by Spider-Man: No Way Home). Everyone is probably paying extra for those tickets, so when you have to spend $ 100 to watch a movie alone in a few years, remember who you can blame (no, not the people who pay more to see Batman, but the greedy theater) chain owners ). Waaaayyy is back in second place (again) with Uncharted, earning just over $ 9 million and nearly $ 113 million. Not bad looking at the epidemic, but not the Batman number.

One of the newcomers sits at number three, and his BTS permission to dance on stage — Seul: Live Viewing, which we’re going to assume is a concert film featuring BTS in Seoul. It grossed $ 6.8 million on just 803 screens, which is a banana. In terms of per-screen average, it’s miles ahead of everything other than Batman.

It is followed by Dog, Spider-Man and Death on the Nile, just like last week, at $ 5 million, $ 4 million and $ 2.5 million (respectively). Spider-Man will probably crack $ 800 million domestically, but it will take a few weeks, and the movie will be available on home video relatively soon, it may take even longer. The only other newcomer in the top 10, Indian romantic drama Radhe Shyam, 1.8 million (but it also only opened on 800 screens, so it’s not a very bad average).

Then we have Singh 2, Jacques Forever and Scream, the first two earning more than a million and the third earning only $ 445,000. It is now available on Paramount +, so we will see it on these charts.

Below is a complete top 10 list in the form of a standard list that Google likes, courtesy of Box Office Mojo. Feel free to print these, cut them out and rearrange them into some kind of interesting alternative universe category where Dog is the biggest movie in the world.

Sneha Mali

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