“No man is truly great who is great in his lifetime. The test of greatness is the page of History.” – William Hazlitt. The words of William Hazlitt who is one of the greatest critics of all time, rhythmically echo in the life of a young desi rapper, Ryan Tanveer aka ‘Bandzo3rd’ from California, USA. With an emergence into the rap industry in 2020, he is looking to face the test of greatness and ink his name in the pages of history.

Growing up with a loving and caring mother in Karachi, Pakistan, Bandzo3rd developed an ear for music especially rap at the age of 9. After he migrated to California, USA, at the age of 12 Bandzo3rd began to write music. With a relatively solitary childhood and a wide assortment of experiences which include him falling into the streets in southern California and him trying to wiggle his way up to northern California for a better life has helped become a finer man and a cut above amongst other rappers. His mom and his inner circle have always been his rock during his ups and downs motivating and encouraging him to endure throughout his toil in making his name. His rap style is usually west coast gangster trap music but integrating his diverse lifestyle in music and multiple languages, he created a unique flow which makes him streets apart amongst other rappers. He can also rap in numerous other styles like desi hip-hop, Urdu/Hindi rap music, Punjabi rap music, and drill music as well. Bandzo3rd is always focused on his goal and works hard to achieve it, he also encourages his fans to be raw, authentic and dedicated at whatever they do. Apart from rapping he hopes to inspire his fans through his life and motivate those who are going through or have gone through similar experiences as him.

Growing with each experience, he matured his art form and grabbed every opportunity that came across to express himself. Staying true to his desire to elevate desi rap to an international level, he dropped his hot new single ‘Yaar Koi Nai’ in 2020. He believes that the road to becoming the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ dials down to creating quality music over quantity. He also says that “…consistency and dedication is what I believe makes you a successful artist over time.” Bandzo3rd is consistently working hard to inspire and to share his life story with the world though his rap with the hope that people might be able connect with his music and be encouraged.

Derek Robins

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