Balancing work-personal life to perfection with his exemplary vision has made Sergio Feray a successful entrepreneur.

Balancing work-personal life to perfection with his exemplary vision has made Sergio Feray a successful entrepreneur.

Sergio Feray has scaled to the top as an entrepreneur and has explored his passion for tattoos and fitness.

In the hustle and bustle of running a business, entrepreneurs seldom forget their other passions and focus only on the monetary or materialistic aspect of their lives. But then there are a few entrepreneurs who whole-heartedly follow their other passions and desires, by balancing their work and home schedules to perfection. Among them, is an entrepreneur who has achieved phenomenal success as an entrepreneur, but has also been committed to his love for tattoos and fitness, he is a young and multifaceted individual by the name of Sergio Feray.

Sergio Feray is an elegant and hardworking entrepreneur who was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. From the beginning of his teenage, he wanted to become an entrepreneur, to run a business. He also was equally passionate about working out and attaining high fitness levels, along with a liking for tattoos. After scaling to the top as an entrepreneur, Sergio didn’t give up on his other passions and followed them with sheer dedication. At 29 years of age, he is regarded as an entrepreneur with a modern vision, springing up great profits with his classic entrepreneurial approach.

He is an advocate of the saying “action speaks louder than words”. He is a heavily tattooed entrepreneur who is the employer of more than 50 people, efficiently keeping them motivated and tripling his company’s profits in recent years. He focuses on the market demands giving precedence to constant growth and innovation. Sergio Feray also effectively dedicates time to his other passions, after office, he heads to upping his fitness and exploring the vast world of tattoos.

Sergio Feray does calisthenics, weight training, and CrossFit training, over six days a week. His ripped body fashionably brandishes various tattoos of his liking, which range from realism to fiction. To further his tattoo project, he keeps getting inked, at least once per month. He has got inked almost everywhere, including the back, sides, sleeves, and legs. He gets inked by the renowned tattoo artist Miguel Bohigues from V Tattoo. His social media following has also grown manifolds recently, with over 75,000 followers on his Instagram, as he began sharing his experience of getting inked, his fitness regime, fashion, etc.

Exemplary vision and balancing work-personal life to perfection has helped Sergio Feray attain all his passions, along with becoming an astute entrepreneur. Do not forget to connect with him on Instagram, @sergioferay to know more.

Derek Robins

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