“Baking with Dolly” Dolly Parton recently shared her recipes for sweet and savory baked goods

“Baking with Dolly” Dolly Parton recently shared her recipes for sweet and savory baked goods

Our daily Pinterest scroll has recently been upgraded to include a 5-ingredient pie, which Dolly Parton recently shared as one of her favorite vintage dessert recipes. Last week, Dolly Parton started her own profile, and her pins are exactly what we need.

The country singer’s “Baking with Dolly” board, which includes some of her recipes for sweet and savory baked goods, has our attention especially.

Parton wrote in the Pinterest board’s description, “Baking for me is like singing sweet harmonies.”On this board, I’m sharing my collection of scrumptious recipes, delectable treats and delightful creations.”

Here are four old-fashioned dishes that Parton shared with us that we want to make right away, ranging from straightforward pies to chocolatey buttery sides.

Walnut Pie Gone are the days of pecan pie; Dolly’s Walnut Pie looks absolutely delectable. This classic style recipe is just 4 stages from being finished off with whipped cream and ate up or served in the current style. Because they are high in fiber, walnuts are also beneficial to the health of your digestive system and brain. Our Custard Pecan Pie has a toasty, sweet flavor thanks to the use of cane syrup, which is an alternative to corn syrup.

Banana Pudding Parton’s Banana Pudding can be prepared in just 35 minutes, making it an ideal light dessert for any night of the week. Using less granulated sugar and opting for a low-sugar option for the vanilla wafer cookies makes it simple to lower the amount of sugar in this recipe. This recipe for banana pudding can be easily made ahead of time and served right after dinner. It brings to mind our very own recipe for banana pudding, which can be prepared in advance and stored for up to three days.

This is the Peanut Butter Pie that we promised would include five ingredients in the menu. Peanut butter, powdered sugar, cream cheese, Cool Whip, and a prepared graham cracker crust are all you need to make Parton’s Peanut Butter Pie at home. A chocolate crust, like the one we use in our highly acclaimed Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, we also think would be delicious with this.


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