Aurpay- Increase The Efficiency Of Your Business With Unique Crypto Payouts

With the growing acceptance of blockchains and cryptocurrency in the worldwide business and policy environment, the number of merchants who want to employ blockchain solutions or their availability in the crypto market is rising. Simultaneously, cryptocurrency application scenarios are expanding. Payment has a bright future as an infrastructure in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Aurpay is a worldwide blockchain-based firm that provides enterprise-grade cross-border asymmetric encryption payments to businesses of all sizes through our advanced platform. Businesses can collect money and submit payouts to customers worldwide using a unified device.

Core Values of the Company

They go the extra distance to offer the following core values to their customers:

  • They are motivated by curiosity and a strong belief in making payments simple.
  • They are accessible, take the necessary risks, pursue results, and are the greatest at what we do.
  • They are resolute, seek challenges, take responsibility for tasks, act quickly, and deliver results.
  • They go above and beyond the call of duty. Aurpay makes the seemingly impossible possible.
  • They are innovative in solving existing issues and daring in designing new and improved customer satisfaction.
  • They collaborate as a team that value different opinions, and appreciate talented professionals.
  • They benefit from disclosure and exchange intelligence, missteps, and successes as a community.
  • Plenty of businesses will reveal to you how much they care. They’re somewhat distinct at Aurpay. Their team truly goes above and beyond.

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Business

Using the Aurpay dashboard, you can easily accept and bill cryptocurrency to your customers. Their features are to:

  • Control Crypto Payments
  • View Transaction Flow and Carry Out Reconciliation
  • AURPAY’s products enable merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments, allowing them to forecast business growth.

Aupay’s Success Benefits

Use our cryptocurrency wallet partner to convert your digital funds to stablecoin and protect your business from crypto price changes.

Pay In As Well As Pay Out

Get compensated and payout as soon as possible. It can help you save 96% gas fees for settlement and receive near-instant payment.

  • Licensed and regulated

To maintain a safe and secure coin payment environment, collaborate with Aurpay, an MSB member that strictly adheres to AML and other risk controls.

  • Expand Your Horizons

Use cryptocurrencies for real-time, secure cross-border payouts to broaden your global corporate landscape.

Complete Command Over Funds

Aurpay innovation technology will protect your funds. It is the Smart Contract that powers the latest Aurpay technology feature.

A smart contract is a collection of self-enforcing pacts on the blockchain whose terms are performed as code having to run on ETHEREUM, ensuring blockchain payment safety, serviceability, and accessibility. Merchants have complete control over their funds, protected by an ETHEREUM smart contract. Withdraw your cryptocurrency whenever you want. Create, change the crypto payment address, or terminate the smart contract at your leisure.

Powerful And Flexible Billing Situations For Bitcoin And ALTCOINS Collection

They offer:

  • Email Invoicing

Request cryptocurrency payout and send customized receipts for services and goods to your clients.

  • Plugins for E-Commerce

It is a non-custodial smart contract, that supports multiple Ecommerce platforms, like WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, etc. easily manage orders. Integrate to your WooCommerce store:

  • Payment Page offered to host

Connecting to our checkout is the quickest way to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments. Payments using the hosted solution are compatible with all crypto wallets.

Another significant feature is that it works on any website and also easily collects payments and donations.

Summing Up!

Within a few lines of code, you can integrate instant, low-cost global payments into any crypto business or application, including game and creator platforms. Aurpay attaches any business, anywhere, in real-time.

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