Aurelie Ortole: The Rising and Shining Star in The Eyewear Industry

Aurelie Ortole:  The Rising and Shining Star in The Eyewear Industry

Someone Rightly said- Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. One should always keep his/her dreams alive as by your vision, hard work and dedication, they indeed will do come true someday. Today we bring you an inspiring story of Aurélie Ortolé, who changed the landscape of eyewear industry at a young age.

Aurélie Ortolé was born in 1993, at Martinique. Since her childhood Aurelie was intrigued by life of entrepreneurs and the whole concept of entrepreneurship.
Though she was still at a crossroads whether she would actually take this as a career path or not. But she had a vision, vision of doing something great and different. Seeing the eyewear business blooming in France, she finally decided to open her own eye wear store in Bordeaux called ‘Tropical Optic Shop.’ Over the course of time, Aureile’s Tropical Optic Shop has gained immense popularity in her city. With a wide range of designs that are aesthetically are a treat to eyes. Taking a step further she opened her own brand ‘Ortolé French’ which was quite popular in 2020 all over France. The brand presents ultra premium glasses with superior finish and amazing comfort. And what makes it more convincing is that she achieved all this just at the age of 27. The story of Aureile further proves that Age is Just number when you have a will and vision to achieve something great.

Derek Robins

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