Arlin Upasana: a young esthetic diva that rejoices the glory of her success.

Arlin Upasana: a young esthetic diva that rejoices the glory of her success.

A 24years old Arlin Upasana, a young aspiring optimist goal oriented woman. She’s Splendour,Focused and Dedicated to perform at Top level which gave her Determination.

Arlin Upasana built an embark on a voyage rousing success in bollywood industry. Soon she is launching ‘’Arlin’s’’ luxury clothing brand, it has been postponing due to Covid-19.

At the age of 18 Arlin started her career. As soon she started she Won her first Pageant, then it started taking off. In few years she shifted to mumbai and started working in bollywood as well.

She made an avowel to herself in life is to remain always Fascinating and Encouraging. She proved that by her achievements: she’s Being crowned as Miss Calcutta 2016 and Miss Easter India 2017. Arlin has done web series like ‘’Nasha’’ for Amazon Prime Videos directed by G Ashok. A small character in Movie ‘’ Durgavati’’ directed by G Ashok releasing shortly. Arlin has also done few Albums like Guzaara and many others. Recently she shot a song for bengali singer Lov Poddar as Producer and also an Actress.

Arlin Upasana is a phenomenal milady who built firm foundation voyage her own, to rejoice in the glory of her success. She has immense Goals for her future. A Luxury Villa in Malibu with 14 Super Cars. Desires to be the one of the Young Leading Powerful Woman from India. Her calm demeanor and non indulgence in gossip has earned her a good name & recognition in the industry already.

Arlin’s abilities are invulnerable. She is good in dancing, she also has a unique and exceptional skill of Reading faces by just looking at them. She is by default an innovators and capable of standing tall against all odds.

Her personality has given Arlin’s career a hike.She has always been getting offers for many projects, she considers if you have less projects to work in but of good quality that will upgrade you. On the other hand if you have many projects to work in but of crummy qualities that will degrade you.As per her belief she would work for one or two projects in a year, But that has to be the best.

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Her self-identity is filled with an exquisite, dynamic & elegance personality. Arlin loves to work in Serenity, she is Optimistic, Diligent and Feminist by spirit.

Any project that provides equal opportunities, respect and safety will be the ideal environment to work in. She is bengali dame and that favours her a empowered women by promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine thier own choices, and right to influence social change.

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