Apple says the ‘jelly scrolling’ effect on the iPad mini 6 display isn’t a problem

Apple says the ‘jelly scrolling’ effect on the iPad mini 6 display isn’t a problem

Following the official launch of the iPad Mini 6 in the store last week, consumers around the world have seen the annoying “jelly scrolling” effect on the tablet’s display. Following this conclusion, Apple Pal has now confirmed that this effect is completely normal and is not a hardware issue.

For strangers, “jelly scrolling” means when half of the display is significantly refreshed than the others, resulting in a wobbly effect when the material moves quickly. There have been many reports of this since the release of the iPad mini 6, as users think it could be a hardware malfunction or a software bug.

But while the effect is bothering many users, Apple now says in a statement to Artechnica that the “jelly scrolling” effect on LCD screens is fully expected. The company argues that LCD panels “refresh line by line”, causing delays in lines.

Despite Apple’s response, Artechnica notes that the “jelly scrolling” effect is less noticeable on other iPad models with a 60 Hz LCD display, such as the iPad Air 4 and the entry-level iPad. Unfortunately, Apple Paul says this is expected behavior, those who have purchased a new iPad Mini 6 and are unhappy with the display will not be able to demand a repair or replacement.

Of course, customers who do not want to live with this annoying display effect can return the iPad mini to Apple and get a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

Sneha Mali

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