Apple Music starts bring lossless streaming and Dolby Atmos spatial audio feature

Apple Music starts bring lossless streaming and Dolby Atmos spatial audio feature

Apple Music has flipped the switch on its recently reported lossless-quality streaming and spatial audio features. Beginning now, in the event that you have the latest iOS, iPadOS, and macOS updates installed, you’ll have the option to stream select tracks both in standard lossless/CD-quality audio and high-resolution lossless (on the off chance that you have an outer DAC for the latter).

Apple said the two features would arrive “today” during the WWDC keynote, however it required numerous hours after the event closed before clients began seeing them show up in the application. You actually may not if the rollout hasn’t contacted you yet. The update is server-side on Apple’s part.

Know that lossless audio files take up impressively more storage when downloaded and furthermore consume more information when streamed. You can dive into the entirety of the technical details and FAQs here. The standard AAC streaming remaining parts the default unless if you change your preference to lossless in the Music application section of iOS settings.

Apple has said that more than 20 million songs will be available in lossless quality at launch, with the whole Apple Music list of more than 75 million tracks going lossless before the finish of 2021. Lossless sound is restrictive to Apple Music and requires a subscription; it’s not accessible for purchase, nor would you upgrade purchased music or get it through iTunes Match.

Lossless audio is available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV 4K. Backing for the HomePod and HomePod Mini will be added after a future software update.

Today is the first time when you can likewise try out spatial audio on Apple Music. A huge number of tracks presently offer immersive, Dolby Atmos-powered mixes that Apple claims deliver “true multidimensional sound and clarity.” There will be a lot more smaller selection of spatial audio tracks than lossless ones, nonetheless, with Apple promising “thousands” of spatial audio tracks on the very beginning with additional to follow.

The organization has assembled a few playlists to showcase the spatial audio Atmos experience across various music genres. Different organizations like Tidal and Amazon are additionally offering these “surround sound” audio formats.

The two features currently come included as a part of the standard Apple Music subscription. Increasingly more music services are offering lossless audio, and those that as of now were — like Amazon Music HD — are dropping the extra fees they’d recently charged to appreciate it.

Priyanka Patil

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