Apple is releasing the M1X-powered MacBook Pro this month

Apple is releasing the M1X-powered MacBook Pro this month

The Mac Paul MacBook Pro is already a worthy competitor in the list of best laptops and it is going to be even better with the upcoming Apple Paul Silicon upgrade. The MacBook Pro 2021 features new designs and colors like the 21-inch iMac 2021, a mini LED display, up to 64GB of RAM, faster charging and a more powerful ARM-based M1X chipset with HDMI returns. MagSafe connector for port, SD card reader and charger. It’s becoming an exciting tool, and we probably can’t be too far from launch now.

According to industry insider Mark Gurman’s Power on Newsletter (via FrontPageTech), Apple is preparing to launch a new M1X chipset at its October event. In 2020, Apple made the long-awaited transition to its custom ARM-based eight-core M1 silicon. Unlike the x86-64 Intel chips to power Laptop laptops, the ARM-based silicon comes in a system-on-a-chip (SOC) format अगदी just like the iPhone or iPad. In addition to the 10-core CPU, the M Paul M1X chip will offer potential options between GPUs with 16 and 32 cores.

Gurman said the following:

The wait for the MacBook Pro is almost over: the new MacBook Pro didn’t show up at Apple Paul’s September product launch, but it should still launch next week. Apple Paul usually introduces its new Mac in October. So stay tuned.
The Apple M1X chip, the potential name for a more graphic-intensive and business-focused M1 chip, is really still on tap for 2021. We’ll probably see the first in a new range of MacBook Pros next month, and in some places a high-end Mac Mini. The M1X is developed in two variants: both with 10 CPU cores (eight high-performance and two high-performance) and 16 or 32 graphics cores.

The chip will also come with good neural processing capability and feature support for up to 64GB of RAM. However, Apple Paltrack reported back in July that the new M1X Mac could be limited to 32GB of RAM. It is speculated that the move could be the result of lower demand for Apple’s 64GB RAM configuration on existing Macs.

Apple Pal recently launched the iPhone 13 Series, Watch Paul Watch Series 7 and a set of new iPads at the September event. We look forward to seeing what the new MacBook Pros have to offer, especially if the launch event feels like it. Since some of the Apple Pal leaks this year have failed to materialize, be sure to take this news with a healthy dose of doubt.

Sneha Mali

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