Angelo D’acunto Explains High Ticket Closing in three Successful Steps

Angelo D’acunto Explains High Ticket Closing in three Successful Steps

Angelo D’acunto began his work as a high ticket closer in France several years ago. As someone who has earned a prime position within this selected field of work, it still surprises him that many people are entirely unaware of this nuanced profession. For him, three primary things define a successful high ticket closer. In our brief conversation, we had the chance to talk about the same and understand the subtleties of this position.

He began by informing us that, unlike salesman, high ticket closers always focus on asking questions and getting answers. The prime objective is to create a desirable middle ground and not simply make a sale. It is a highly tricky affair to carry out a transaction where everyone is in profit. 

Secondly, there are no gimmicks and techniques to be used as a high ticket closer- you need to have a fabulous presence of mind that needs to be renewed each time a new project comes your way. Last but not least, Angelo wanted us to know that a high ticket closer must understand the project he is closing. He is never aggressive or pushy; he only has a clear understanding of the advantages any project offers, and he can relate the same to his prospects.  

Angelo D’acunto did not merely have these concepts handed down to him by someone else. Through experience and real-life encounters, Angelo gained a perspective on carrying out a job such as this expertly. He claims that he often had to push himself to experiment with novel methodologies, and this innovative take has given him a separate identity in his field of work. 

“I had to embrace discomfort to grow, and never to stop learning, growing, and seeking discomfort (further),” he states. In saying so, he highlights his unconventional selling techniques wherein he often prioritizes other parties before his interest. May the odds continue to lie in his favor! For someone as devoted to his job as Angelo D’acunto, we can only imagine the most successful days ahead. 

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