Andriy Dovbenko’s TechExchange: Advancing AgriTech and DefenceTech Startups

Andriy Dovbenko’s TechExchange: Advancing AgriTech and DefenceTech Startups

TechExchange, the first of its kind two-way technology network programme, founded in 2023 by Andriy Dovbenko, establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between the UK and Ukraine, particularly in the AgriTech and DefenceTech sectors. This collaboration allows Ukrainian startups to access the UK market and tech ecosystem, while UK companies can conduct in-field testing of advanced technologies in Ukraine, fostering growth, innovation, and an exchange of ideas between the two nations. The network also enhances the international reputation of participating startups.

Founded by Andriy Dovbenko, a former managing partner at an international law firm and a Ukrainian-born, UK-based entrepreneur, TechExchange boasts an extensive international network. Dovbenko’s experience and connections in agriculture and technology sectors across various countries provide TechExchange members with unique access to global ecosystems, mentorship, and funding opportunities.

TechExchange is more than a business network; it’s a lifeline for critical sectors of Ukraine’s economy. The programme is instrumental in deploying cutting-edge technologies in Ukraine, which are vital for the country’s economic sustainability and recovery, especially post-war. It provides Ukrainian startups with essential funding, mentorship, and exposure to influential individuals, while UK companies gain practical experience in real-world applications of their technologies in Ukraine. The startups selected for this programme are not only commercially viable but are also equipped to introduce transformative technologies that could significantly impact Ukraine and the world.

TechExchange is not just a platform for technological exchange; it’s a gateway to growth and international recognition for startups in the UK and Ukraine. The programme is designed to provide startups with unparalleled access to resources, mentorship, and markets, thereby enabling them to scale up rapidly and effectively.

For UK startups, TechExchange offers direct access to in-field testing opportunities in Ukraine with payments to cover all costs with regards to supplying technology for in-field testing. This aspect is crucial for DefenceTech companies, as it allows for the practical application and refinement of technologies in real-world scenarios. Additionally, UK startups benefit from connections to early-stage investors, mentorship on business aspects including pitch deck refinement, access to significant tech events, quarterly office hours sessions and comprehensive media relations support with consultancy around any news they want to announce.

Similarly, Ukrainian startups receive substantial benefits that include visibility at major tech events in the UK, insights into seed grants and startup prize funds, and access to the same level of mentorship and networking opportunities as their UK counterparts. Ukrainian startups will also get the opportunity to contribute to relevant media opportunities. This support is essential for these startups to break into the competitive international market and gain recognition.

Beyond individual company benefits, TechExchange fosters a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and technologies between the UK and Ukraine. This exchange is not just about business growth; it’s about building a technological bridge that can lead to long-term economic and social benefits for both nations.

Andriy Dovbenko’s leadership is crucial to the initiative’s success. His unique background, blending experiences as a Ukrainian-born, UK-based lawyer and investor in agriculture and technology, equips him with a distinctive insight into digital innovation in these sectors.

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