An iPhone 13 Pro-inspired Apple Watch Pro could be the next ‘one more thing’

An iPhone 13 Pro-inspired Apple Watch Pro could be the next ‘one more thing’

Apple has been rumored to introduce a rugged smartwatch at its September 7th event, and a new rumor today says it could be a bigger design upgrade than we’re expecting, and a lot of buzz going around. Declaration

Macotakara’s new report reiterates what we’ve been hearing about the Apple Watch Pro so far, such as that it will have a 1.99-inch display and feature a larger case size of 47mm, which should result in a larger screen area of ​​about 7 percent. In contrast, the Watch 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm variants and has a 1.9-inch display.

Previous reports also claimed that the watch will be targeted at athletes and will pack a beefier battery than the regular Watch Series 8 to allow users to track workouts and other physical activities for longer periods of time. Rumors also said that it could come with a shatter-resistant screen and a rugged metal casing.

The Watch 7 has a 20 percent larger screen than the Watch 6, and its glass is slightly more curved at the edges. The Apple Watch Pro was previously rumored to feature the first redesign since 2018 but it was not expected to come with flat sides.

Makotakara says the Apple Watch Pro will take design cues from the iPhone 13 Pro and could feature a flat display and metal casing. The outlet refers to a May tweet by leaker ShrimpApplePro that said a future Apple Watch could come with flat glass.

Other earlier reports said the watch could be made of titanium and cost around $900 or $999. The rugged Apple Watch Pro, as well as the Watch Series 8, are also rumored to have a temperature sensor. Apple’s new watches will be powered by the S8 chip, which is not expected to be very different from the S7 and S6 chips.

Will the Apple Watch Pro be good enough to beat the best smartwatches of 2022? Apple apparently thinks so, according to today’s report that the Apple Watch Pro will be a ‘One More Thing’ announcement, a practice started by Steve Jobs in 1999 where he would drop big announcements at the end of an event. Even the OG Apple Watch got the One More Thing treatment in 2014. The last One More Thing was the iPhone X, the first iPhone with a notch.

Sneha Mali

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