An Exclusive Interview with the Talented Majid Razavi

An Exclusive Interview with the Talented Majid Razavi

He works in the pop genre, a genre in which he was able to win a lot and attract people’s attention.

Read our conversation with Majid Razavi and learn more about it.

How important is the power of words to you, even though you are a songwriter?

A lot in our works, the song is one of the most important works; it stays in the cinema like a screenplay. I myself pay a lot of attention to the subject of the song.

Currently, the status of our pop music is such that it is difficult to find a singer who can find an album that the audience likes.

What tricks do you use to keep the audience you have been with for years?

There must be a change in this work. I mean, this change is a positive change that is effective in the direction of the work. The audience is always looking for something new that you did for them better than before, and if it is in a positive direction, it will yield results, but if it is not in a positive direction, it is also destructive.

How do you approach creating a new song?

Creating a new song is like working on a piece of art from scratch. I must first envision the song, figure out the lyrics and then blend it with the perfect tune. It’s time-consuming, but it’s what I love doing the most.

Which instrument has you deeply nostalgic?

The guitar is my favourite instrument of all time.

Majid Razavi has a massive fanbase both online and off. His music is extremely popular on streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music. Majid Razavi’s talent and ability to captivate the audience is second to none.

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