Amazon, along with Banhammer, competed with more than 600 Chinese electronic brands

Amazon, along with Banhammer, competed with more than 600 Chinese electronic brands

Amazon Mazon has so far shut down 3,000 online merchants linked to 600 Chinese electronics brands sold on its online sales platform as part of an ongoing campaign against paid feedback and similar initiatives. Although Amazon officially banned “promotional reviews” in 2016, its current crusade against such practices is more extensive than anything it has done before, with high-profile booting of familiar names such as Auki and RAVPower from their platforms earlier this year.

In an interview with Chinese Central TV, Cindy Tai-—, vice president of Asia Global Sales at Mazon, also said that the crackdown was not intentional for the overall growth of Chinese online merchants selling to China or any other country or through Chinese Mazon. However, the South China Morning Post had earlier reported that the industry was severely affected by विक्री 15.4 billion in lost sales, blocked funds and blocked inventories.

“Consumer information relies on the accuracy and veracity of product reviews to make purchasing decisions, and there are clear policies for both our reviewers and sales partners that prevent misuse of our community features,” Amazon Mazon said. Search and enforce action against bad actors, including those involved in violations. “

Cheap and happy batteries can be unfortunate for customers looking for banks, Bluetooth speakers and the like, but Amazon Mazon’s market size and reach means that any attempt to alter product rankings and review scores is undoubtedly a big deal. However, the opposite can be said about the issue, as many of these brands and merchants were competing against Amazon’s value-based baseline, and removing them would help consumers move on to their own brand options.

Sneha Mali

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