We would like to share an exclusive interview released by Alice Veglio, an international model and fitness trainer.

Born in the Italian region of Val D’Aosta, Alice faced a series of challenges and difficulties before discovering her entrepreneurial mission and becoming a recognized fitness coach with her Bright & Fit program.

Good morning Alice. First of all, thank you for giving us this interview. Can you tell us about the beginning of your career path?

Yes, gladly. To better explain my path, I can only recall that day when I was 14 years old when I was diagnosed with a vertebral rotation of 27 degrees.

I was about to undergo surgery, which fortunately was avoided. However, I had to wear a cast for several months.

Before the operation, I used to practice ballet. After that challenging event, I had to give up a discipline to which I was bound since I was a child.

It must have been hard, I guess. Did you have to give up all your dreams? Or did something happen that allowed you to get up?

I have always been a tough and resilient person. My desire for redemption led me to enter the fashion industry. Fortunately, my family has always supported me, and I have never lacked guidance and affection, even in the most complicated moments.

There is a sentence that sums up that period of my life: “If movement is like life to me, I fight for movement.”

A fight you weren’t willing to lose. How did you carry it on? Were there other turning points that directed your career after the choice to become a model?

I did not appreciate the aesthetic canons that moved the fashion industry. I didn’t find the answers I was looking for.

I desired a breakthrough, and I realized education would be the winning card that I needed to emerge and decide my path.

I approached my education by following a double path. On the one hand, I had a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Management; on the other hand, I attended the Leonardo Da Vinci University in Rome (one of the most distinguished University in Europe for holistic sciences), where I got many certifications as a fitness coach.

I attended some relevant sporting institutions, as the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and The American College of Sports Medicine.

I had the chance to meet the highest experts in holistic disciplines and sports medicine. I tried out on myself what worked, making an empirical journey.

All those experiences combined made me discover the concept of holistic fitness

I needed a key, a method to spread the benefits of a novel concept of fitness, which would approach wellness at 360 degrees, including the side of exercise, a balanced diet, and healthy emotional balance.

Were you able to find that key somehow?

Yes, to find it, I focused on acquiring skills in an up-and-coming area, digital entrepreneurship. I would have needed a broad audience, available with modern digital marketing tools.

I understood the importance of digital business during my experience as an intern in the United Arab Emirates government offices when I was 18 years old.

The challenges have always fascinated me, so I achieved the physical and mental balance required to compete in very particular contests, such as Miss Multiverse, a format that rewards women that show intelligence, entrepreneurial skills, and physical strength, besides beauty.

I arrived in the last stages, held in the middle of December 2019 in Punta Cana.

I placed third at the challenge Last Woman Standing, where I was crowned as Miss Power Woman.

It was a contest full of extreme military training activities, with no stop. 

Anything is possible if you really want it.

Congratulations! The definition that best suits you is ‘multipotential’. Beyond your academic and competition results, I was very impressed when you mentioned your interest in the digital world. Have you developed it? If so, are there any turning points you wish to tell us?

Holistic fitness has been an insight that has never left me. The sum of the experiences I told you about gave me the right skills to create my own branded path in favor of feminine empowerment, the Bright & Fit fitness program.

During 2020, my followers have much appreciated me on Instagram, reaching the amount of 175,000.

I became a full-fledged entrepreneur; I hired a team of collaborators, who supported me in launching an App dedicated to my fitness program, available in the Apple Store and Google Store. So far, I have helped over 15,000 women regain good fitness, with balanced workouts and careful nutrition, without exceeding unnecessary deprivation and restrictions.

Nowadays, I manage my startup from Dubai, and I can’t wait for 2021 when the updated version of the app will be ready. Currently, I am very focused on the Italian market, but I desire to expand my activity in foreign countries in the future.

Perfect Alice. Thank you for your interview, and we look forward to seeing your upcoming business developments!

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