Alexander James Rodriguez Joins Thriller-film ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die’

Alexander James Rodriguez Joins Thriller-film ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die’

British actor-recording artist Alexander James Rodriguez has joined Zachary Laoutides (Black Ruby) and Jaime Zevallos (Marvel: Cloak & Dagger) for the thriller film ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die’ from Latinx film studios, Ave Fenix Pictures Studios.

Directed by Mirza Esho, ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die’, followsan Italian American who is on the verge of losing his restaurant and wife to cancer. He becomes obsessed with a Middle Eastern immigrant on the path to achieve the American Dream and take over his restaurant.

Ave Fenix Pictures Studios is co-founded by award-winning Mexican actress-producer Monica Esmeralda Leon, whose mission is to create films with a diverse-driven cast and crew. ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die’ will begin filming this November in Chicago and New York. The film also stars Marius Iliescu (Adios Vaya Con Dios) and Emmanuel Isaac (Hogtown).

Feature films on the Ave Fenix Pictures Studios slate ready to start production in 2021 include, ‘And They Called Her Paradisa’, ‘Fields of Aaru’ and ‘City of Cathedrals’.

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