Alex Simion is the passionate high-ticket copywriter grooming several businesses.

Alex Simion is the passionate high-ticket copywriter grooming several businesses.

The founder of “The Value Dragon TM” an exclusive brand on Instagram encouraging and motivating entrepreneurs towards a glorious future.

The world is craving for some miraculous personality who dare to expand their limitations and touch the victory clouds. Alex Simion is one such man with passion and creation leading the world to new concepts and values.

Alex from Romania was nurtured in a poor family with limited sources. He moved to Uk with his parents at the age of 14, who barely spoke or write English. While struggling hard in the language he still graduated from high school. The man of interest in marketing at the age of 20, is a university student in Winchester. With the motive of radiating his dedication to enhance and boost other businesses, he is helping entrepreneurs improve their advertising as well as copywriting skills.

Alex with his informative and motivational posts on the Instagram brand “The Value Dragon TM” is thrilling several people’s lives. He also has a free email list sensibly entitled “The Email Series” which aims to educate and motivate people towards leading their dream goals.

Alex says “create your own opportunities” being a failure in several areas of business while grooming his career in shipping, affiliate marketing, and even e-commerce he nourished and polished his skills. With an optimistic attitude, he always motivated himself and believed in his talent. Also, advises and shares his journey of failure and success to his followers on Instagram.

Alex after two years of failure has realized the importance of gaining depth knowledge in the area of business where you invest your time and energy. Then analyzing his skill and his passion he molded his talent and nurtured it by adding more spices to his ideas. Thus, with his hard work and dedication, he is today a successful copywriter around the globe.

Alex believes to create your ability that adds value to the world market. Hence, with his miracles of transforming several businesses to the glory path, he wishes to expand and glitter more talented people in the world. To explore more follow him on Instagram and join his email series.

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