AirTag2024: iPhone Update Indicates Apple Is Introducing a Big New Feature

AirTag2024: iPhone Update Indicates Apple Is Introducing a Big New Feature

The Apple AirTag is an incredible gadget. This little tracker can be concealed in your handbag, car, baggage, or anything else you wish to be able to locate. But take heed of the word “hide”—if you can, someone else probably can too. In the upcoming weeks, AirTag will get new functionality to help with these stalker-related concerns.

iOS 17.5’s initial developer beta is currently available. The code for the upcoming iPhone software upgrade has provided a wealth of information about what may be coming. It is anticipated to be released generally in the near future (see here for full details on when).

As per the study, there are mentions of alerts pertaining to third-party item trackers. All of this is consistent with the work Apple and Google completed last year to establish an industry standard protocol aimed at preventing the improper use of Bluetooth trackers.

It appears from the software references that the Find My app can now recognize tracking accessories that aren’t AirTags. The iPhone user will be notified if one is found, with the message “This item isn’t certified on the Apple Find My network.” This item can be disabled so that the owner is not able to see where it is. To accomplish this, adhere to the guidelines the item’s maker provides on their website.

As of right present, only Bluetooth trackers that have received Apple certification are detectable by the iPhone software. This is about to change, and it’s a significant advancement.

And it’s certainly no accident that Google revealed today that it will be introducing its own Find My Device network by Sunday, April 7, or Monday, April 8, within the next three days. This was brought to light and is based on emails that Google distributed. This stated that you will be able to find your devices even when they are offline thanks to the new Find My Device network. When your Fast Pair accessories aren’t connected to your phone, you can still locate them. This includes headphones and earphones that work with it as well as trackers that you can fasten to your bike, wallet, or keys.

According to the report, “To the benefit of iPhone owners, Google held back the launch of its network so Apple could apply this protection in iOS, something that appears to have finally happened in iOS 17.5.”

Sanchita Patil

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