Accessories help to create a style statement, says Sonia Pronk

Accessories help to create a style statement, says Sonia Pronk

How many of you have a wardrobe plentiful of accessories? Very few of us invest our time and money in making a collection of good accessories and on the flip side are people who have classic collections of each element of accessories. One such is Sonia Pronk. And she will explain why accessories are essential and how they can impact your dressing. So keep reading!

Sonia says, “Not wearing any accessories is one of the fatal mistakes in dressing that many women commit. They consider the clothes as the core and focus only on them, forgetting about accessories. But these jewels, belts, sunglasses, watches, and other embellishments are curated to not only complement your outfits but to accentuate your look and help you create a statement.” Therefore, Sonia Pronk considers accessories indispensable.

Sonia Pronk thinks putting on dresses without accessories, it’s like eating food without salt. In short, one cannot have a comprehensive look if one neglects to add accessories. That’s the truth, isn’t it? We have often seen Sonia Pronk wearing the bare minimum of accessories. Either sunglasses or rings, or at least her four-petalled pendant.

This fashion woman has a large collection of accessories too. Chunky rings, shiny neckpieces, lanky earrings, an astounding collection of shoes, belts, branded watches, and how can we forget the classic collection of handbags? Check out Sonia Pronk’s Instagram and find out how accessories can change your look.

Sonia Pronk always comes up with something different and new to wear. She is an inspiration for numerous fashion enthusiasts. Very few people know that Sonia Pronk also has a patron’s heart and she is respected for it.

Sonia’s shoes and bag collection were also featured in the first episode of Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich. Speaking of which, she said, “If you don’t have a good bag that harmonises with your outfit, then your outfit is just incomplete.” From her outfits to her lifestyle, everything is just so impeccable.

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