A talk with Dr. Shubham Shree on Suicide Prevention

A talk with Dr. Shubham Shree on Suicide Prevention

Q. What is suicide and what are the factors involved?

A. Suicide is a condition when an individual feels that their life has no meaning or purpose and they should end it. Factors involve depression, frustration, impulsive behavior, chronic illness, loss of loved ones, etc.

Q. Do you see suicide prevention as a challenge?

A. Suicide prevention is one of the major challenges in the post-Covid crisis. Suicide is preventable and it is very important for all of us to keep a check over our near and dear ones if we find them battling with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, abuse, or any other mental health issue.

Q. How has Covid impacted the suicide aspect?

A. Due to the negative impact of the lockdown, many people lost their jobs, poor financial conditions witnessed the loss of family and friends due to covid, poor social support, etc. The loss of human touch and productivity are the major causes of isolation leading to depression, suicidal ideations, and suicide.

Q. What are your thoughts on medical professional working towards the suicide prevention?

A. This is a high time for a huge cry to mental health professionals to pro-actively work on individuals and groups who need help or counseling specially the adolescents and younger adults who are struggling hard to get back to normal.

Q. Who are mostly prone to having suicidal tendencies/thoughts?

A. The most vulnerable age segment is 15-30 years old. Because in this age group, people are generally under pressure in order to perform well in their lives in terms of social aspect, professional aspect, and even in their own personal aspect. Such individuals are even prone to having suicidal thoughts because of loss of dear ones, traumatic incidents, fear of failure and rejection, higher expectations in life and relationship, and so on. Financial reasons play a part in this aspect as well.

Q. Do you feel that it’s essential to keep mental health in order, so that people don’t have suicidal thoughts much?

A. The major problems in family dynamics are financial losses, increased responsibility, care giving burden, domestic abuse, relationship discord, addiction to online games, social media, etc. Poor social life and disrupted routines add more complexity to the mental health problems. So, yes. It’s very important for one to keep their mental health in order.

Q. What are the preventive measures that can be taken in order to deal with suicide?

A. Preventive measures like keeping a check on a person being silent or not socially mixing up and are confined to themselves, and several other reasons. Such individuals need to be taken care of and encouraged, and even given space to vent out their emotions.

Q. How can Art Therapy be used in preventing suicidal thoughts?

A. Art Therapy can be very useful for people who are anxious or depressed and are having pessimistic thoughts. Arts helps one heal in a very positive manner. In a way that creativity or anything related that makes one happy or cheered up. Studies have shown that Classical music or vocals have had an impact on such patients. Even activities like gardening, knitting, painting, etc. have shown positive results.

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