A Symphony of Success: The Drake Tigges and David Ray Stevens Story

A Symphony of Success: The Drake Tigges and David Ray Stevens Story

In the heart of Nashville, amidst its historic music scene, two entrepreneurs are creating waves in the digital world. I recently had the privilege to sit down with Drake Tigges, a 27-year-old mogul whose journey started in commercial real estate and took a remarkable turn into the world of music and digital marketing. Partnered with David Ray Stevens, a songwriter behind the #1 country hit “Son of a Sinner” and the #1 rock sensation “Dead Man Walking” by Jellyroll, this duo is setting a new beat for the entertainment industry.

Drake’s passion emanated as he introduced himself. “From a young age, my family found success in real estate. But my heart always had this rhythm, this pull towards the entertainment world.” David, renowned for his songwriting, complements Drake’s business acumen with his unparalleled creative prowess. Together, they form the writing team behind Jellyroll’s chart-topping hits.

Describing their venture, Drake shared, “We’re in the business of scaling brands. It’s not just about creating music but about amplifying it, taking away the hurdles of social media marketing, and letting artists and businesses focus on their core.”

When asked about what sets them apart, Drake pointed towards the vibrant streets of Nashville. “It’s about connections, about the decade-long relationships we’ve nurtured. We’re not just another marketing firm; we’re a bridge between the rich musical heritage of Nashville and the ever-evolving digital world.”

However, the journey wasn’t always a crescendo. Reflecting on challenges, Drake recounted his early days, “Starting out at 18, in a saturated niche, was daunting. I had the drive, the knowledge, but I needed to prove it.” The breakthrough came from nurturing genuine relationships and finding the right clientele that resonated with their unique offerings.

Speaking of growth, a gleam of pride appeared in Drake’s eyes. “From charging a mere $75 a month when I was 18, to handling contracts worth hundreds of thousands now, it’s been a wild ride.” A cornerstone of this growth has been their ability to continuously adapt. “The digital realm is ever-evolving. Being nimble, understanding the shifts, especially in social media, has been our forte,” added Drake.

As for the future, it’s about giving back and empowering others. Drake elaborated, “We’re branching into the world of masterclasses. It’s time independent artists had the tools to navigate the music industry, retaining full control of their brand and music.” A central theme to their future endeavors is teaching clients to achieve passive income through effective social media strategies, a transition both are excitedly embracing.

As we wrapped up, I sought advice for budding entrepreneurs. Drake’s wisdom was simple yet profound, “Specialize. Don’t just connect with everyone. Focus on your niche, master it. That foundation will then introduce you to others, widening your horizons.”

For those looking to delve deeper into the unique blend of music and digital mastery offered by Drake and David, their story serves as an inspiring testament to passion, perseverance, and the power of genuine relationships. In a world where tunes often fade away quickly, the harmonious partnership of Drake Tigges and David Ray Stevens promises a melody that will resonate for years to come.

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