A Conversation with Theprinceofnc, The Best Musician Out Of Raleigh, North Carolina

A Conversation with Theprinceofnc, The Best Musician Out Of Raleigh, North Carolina

At the beginning of each year, there can only be one of the best musicians out of each city. In Raleigh, North Carolina  , 2021 , that is Theprinceofnc. Its a honor reserved for the previous Musician of the year in Raleigh, North Carolina and the qualifications remain the same each year. For 2021 , Theprinceofnc released multiple tracks which all performed above average and drew heavy attention and critical praise. Theprinceofnc outsold rappers like Young Sunny Boy, but he didn’t result to any kind of gimmicks to reach a peak of success. He continued doing what he did on his previous 2019 tracks but only executed at an higher level. 

Striving on building a stronger connection to his supporters and a bigger fan base, he says he is working on new music and plans on dropping more creative music videos like no other is doing. He also hops to do an collab album with a female out of North Carolina. “I still have a lot of work to do and I have not perfected my craft yet”, he stated. We had the chance to sit down and interview the future pop-star/rockstar himself “Theprinceofnc”.

How does it feel to be named 2021’s best musician out of Raleigh, North Carolina ?

Well, it was really unexpected but i am more than grateful! It mean’s a lot to actually get recognition for my music and I am glad or at least I hope, people are fucking with me because my music is good, not because im Theprinceofnc.

When you think about 2020, What was your most memorable part about it ?

I really look at every event I participated in 2020 as memorable however, when i shot my most anticipated track “Intro” in Charlotte , it was really crazy. We was in an high end condo in downtown Raleigh and it was when Covid was really big so everyone was going crazy. It was like 10 of us and i remember we went to Walmart to buy groceries for the week and the stores were literally empty. It was really a different experience. 

Do you want to drop another album in 2021?

Of course I want to drop another album in 2021. I already dropped one in January and considering the success of that album, I want to drop at least one 8 track album every 3 months. I just don’t want to overload my supporters with music and they get tired of me. 

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you right now ?

People don’t really say much about me , but people will always have something negative to say about you. I try not to pay attention to the negative hate and comments because honestly it will make you popping . I don’t take my time to respond and give those negative people attention, you will receive hate everyday. 

Whats one goal you have set for 2021?

I want to have the number 1 track on the billboards and have more than 500 million dollars, its all that simple.

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