A conversation with Ms. Nikta Mokhtari about the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

A conversation with Ms. Nikta Mokhtari about the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

Nikta Mokhtari, a young girl and a successful Iranian-Turkish influencer, a famous singer.  Nikta has become famous in the virtual space, especially on Instagram and YouTube, due to the activities and successes she her had in Turkey in the last few years.  She is also fluent in Farsi, Turkish, English and a little Spanish and recently founded her own popular brand called BraveNikshop.  Nikta Mokhtari was born (28/07/1998) and currently lives in London – England.

You can follow Nikta Mokhtari on Instagram at @niktamokhtari.

 1.  have motivation

 Entrepreneurs are usually optimistic, forward-looking and interested in progress in life.  These people believe that they will be successful and are willing to take risks on the resources they have in order to gain profit or help others.  Successful entrepreneurs usually have a lot of energy and can’t wait to achieve what they have in mind.

 2.  Yearn

 Motivation is one of the main indicators that successful entrepreneurs have within themselves.  But in order to succeed, you must be motivated as well as enthusiastic.  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about entrepreneurial DNA or the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur or maybe even the anatomy of such a person.  In all cases, passion is an integral part of a successful entrepreneur.

 3. Having the spirit of pursuit and creativity

 One of the most important skills you need to develop in order to grow your business is persistence.  Successful entrepreneurs have a very high capacity to recognize and pursue golden opportunities in front of them.  For example, those who can become very successful salespeople have a very high ability to follow up and try to attract customers

 4.  Be organized

 A successful entrepreneur must be an organized person.  This organization is the main key to getting things done.  You may have fewer resources compared to your competitors, but if you have proper organization, you can use the available resources in an optimal way.

 5.  Power to negotiate

 An entrepreneur must be able to negotiate properly.  In fact, the better they can perform in negotiation, the more success they will have.  As an entrepreneur, you must be able to negotiate the issues in an appropriate manner.  Because in the long run, this becomes a decisive factor in business.

 6.  Problem solving ability

 Entrepreneurship is basically problem solving.  Most successful entrepreneurs have focused on solving one or more major problems in their field.  This effort to solve the problem has caused them to offer products or services that have been the most profitable for them.

 If you can’t solve a problem, you won’t succeed.  For this reason, it is always emphasized to work on your problem solving power to become a successful entrepreneur.

 7.  Having self-confidence

 Another important characteristic that successful entrepreneurs must have is self-confidence.  Confidence in yourself, your abilities and your purpose.  Always remember that unless you believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in you.  One of the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is self-confidence.

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