A Comprehensive Guide for Merchants on FINNDIT – From Sign-Up to Success

A Comprehensive Guide for Merchants on FINNDIT – From Sign-Up to Success

New Delhi (India), December 22: The need for introducing the most effective local business search engine into any business is of utmost importance in the digital world we operate in. Finndit stands out as one of the best local business search engines in the country. Operating for several years, it has amassed a considerable number of business listings reaching up to 30 lacs. This includes catering to 23 main categories and 1,300 sub-categories. Businesses featured on Finndit have experienced remarkable growth within a short timeframe, benefiting from access to a large audience and the platform’s extensive reach. It’s easy-to-use user interface is a boon to everyone on the platform.

Establishing a presence on such platforms in the online domain enhances the visibility of businesses, making them more noticeable to potential customers. This heightened visibility has a broad impact, from boosting sales and increasing revenue for businesses to creating new employment opportunities. Additionally, customers enjoy the advantage of convenient access to a diverse range of local products and services, enriching their choices and overall interactions. Here are some of the key features of Finndit:

  • A business profile
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Online Review Management
  • Digital Banners, Flyers and Brochures
  • Verified Listing
  • Google Listing and Mapping
  • Content Management
  • Cover Photo and Business Logo

Step-by-Step Guide for Merchants

The merchants can commence their journey on Finndit by signing up. Once they register on the platform and demonstrate their products or services, they will be awarded points. One of the key aspects to keep in mind while listing the business on the platform is ensuring that accurate category is chosen. Since there are over 1,300 sub-categories, the users often apply filters to directly access the business they are looking for via categories. 

User Interaction

Once the business profile is setup, the owners are bound to start receiving queries. This gives them a great opportunity to directly engage with the customers. Interestingly, even this step awards points to the users and merchants alike. Also, a key distinction which Finndit has over its competitors is that the chats and communication between the user and merchant remain private. Neither party will get the actual phone number of the other. Instead, a virtual number will be generated specifically for the business conversation.

Ways to Redeem Reward Points

Having accumulated lots of rewards points, the merchants have a way to redeem them. They can run their customized ads on the Finndit platform itself and utilize the reward points in terms of a discount. There are four sections where any merchant can run their advertisement campaigns.

  • Main Homepage Banner
  • Category Page
  • Sub-Category Page
  • Business Listing Page

Now that the ads of the merchant are up and running, the business owners could analyse the details of the campaign. The reports include various technical parameters like impressions, clicks, user interactions and how to get feedback. This data can be used to determine the customer preferences and behaviour. Hence, the business owners can ensure that only their target audiences get to see the ads and monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns.

To sum up, Finndit has established itself as a premier local business search engine, showcasing significant growth throughout its operational history. With an extensive business listing database, it offers businesses exceptional visibility, resulting in increased sales, revenue, and employment opportunities.

Beyond its positive impact on businesses, Finndit enhances customer access to a varied selection of local products and services, enriching their choices and overall engagement. With its track record, Finndit continues to play a pivotal role in facilitating connections between businesses and consumers, shaping the vibrant dynamics of the local market. Do you have any reason why you have not enrolled your business venture with Finndit yet?

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