6’10’’ Specimen Kevin Noulowe is a rebounding and shot blocking machine

6’10’’ Specimen Kevin Noulowe is a rebounding and shot blocking machine

Basketball a game which millions of people can connect to all across the world. They just breathe this sport and can never fall back from gaining more and more enthusiasm not only to watch but play the sport too. One of the names who has paved way to acing this championship is Kevin Noulowe. He is a rebounding and shot blocking machine averaging 13 rebounds and 3 blocks per game. A blocked shot is credited when a player deflects the course of a field goal attempt by an opponent and the shot is not made. An individual rebound is credited each time a player retrieves a live ball or purposely taps a live ball to a teammate immediately following a missed field goal attempt or a missed free throw attempt. He masters these skills and is best known for it. A strong and powerful athlete who does not only inspire to top this game but also inspire for physical fitness and endurance and challenging the fitness abilities of human. He is freakishly strong and athletic and is known for his athleticism and training as he has been training himself for this game since childhood.

Having a big size and intimidating influencial persona Kevin often ends up intimidating players due to his size, strength, frame and athleticism. Shot blocks don’t appear to be any more or less likely to lead to offensive rebounds than do other shots, once he controls for distance of the original shot. Kevin believes that strength training is an essential component of basketball strength and conditioning. He jumps higher and physically dominates the game on both ends of the basketball court he invests time and effort into making his body as functionally strong as possible. He does his training for strength intelligently. To maximize strength gains. He also is the leading Armenia A league all time in blocks. He is indeed the best rebounders Armenia has ever seen and being the best shot blocker in Armenian history. His work ethics, Mental and physical toughness is commendable and most talked about in the game. He is indeed an inspiration for the fans who religiously follow the league. He is one of the strongest player in the whole league.

Kevin is the most athletic player big man the Eastern European basketball scene has ever seen. Being being 6’10’’ 250 pounds with ridiculous strength he dominates the basketball court with his tremendous strength and fast moves. He is a fan favourite in Armenia. He is the best shot blocker in the league, he is a top 5 rebounder, an all Star and his contribution helped the team make it to the playoffs. He has the best strength available for basketball. His strength focuses resistance. He has explosive vertical jumping ability. He firmly believes that Strength is important for any athlete playing basketball because it can help improve performance on the court.

Increasing strength and power can help basketball athletes jump higher (and dunk), shoot from further away, and run faster on the court, making him a disciplined athlete and winning his fans hearts. Kevin is a one true inspiration.

Derek Robins

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