5 things you don’t know about Entrepreneur Harshvardhan Shahi

5 things you don’t know about Entrepreneur Harshvardhan Shahi

Harshvardhan Shahi, a 24 year old, is a well-known entrepreneur from Aurangabad today, who made social media as his weapon to conquer his dreams and make a mark in today’s digital world. He is one of the young achievers from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Here are 5 things about Harshvardhan Shahi, which you may not be knowing:

1. Harshvardhan Shahi was an active social media user since the age of 13. He being a fun-loving, jovial person since chSldhood, used social media to connect and network with friends and people in general. He never thought of social media as a career making opportunity. However, just started using social media with the sole intention of talking to friends in summer vacations, just like any other teenager!

2. Harshvardhan Shahi is a photographer who started his photography journey since 15 years of age, by editing photos and soon developed an interest in clicking the pictures. It all began with Harshvardhan Shahi’s photography page on Facebook. He at that time, used to edit random photos and post them. It was indeed slow journey towards what he is today!

3. A food blogger who never thought he would be a blogger someday, Harshvardhan Shahi started out with posting random food pictures with some details about the photo captured. This used to happen whenever he went out with friends. Well, Harshvardhan in no time converted this hobby into a passion and soon into a full-fledged career by establishing himself as ‘Aurangabad Food explorer’. This is Instagram page having more than 45,000 followers today.

4. Harshvardhan Shahi is a cinematographer also, having created a lot many wedding films and a number of outdoor pre-wedding shoots. “I love capturing emotions. Asking couples to pose in a Pre-wedding shoot or cracking jokes to make the unknown families laugh and then capturing the happy and emotional moments, make me happy”, says the Aurangabad Food Explorer, Harshvardhan Shahi who is the owner of Limelight Creations, which takes up the wedding assignments!

5. Being extremely attached to his mother, Dr.Sadhana Shahi, Harshvardhan says that all that he could achieve is because of his mother! However, a rare and credit worthy mention goes to his city, Aurangabad. Harshvardhan Shahi is someone who is super attached with his hometown, so he wanted to have a platform mainly for infotainment purpose. He established a social media firm,’Aurangabad Insider’ to give a peek into various happenings taking place in the city. It is a one stop entertainment and digital marketing solution for not just food but everything. This one reached 11,000 followers in just 4 months!

These things do reflect Harshvardhan Shahi’s passion, vision, hard work, patience and consistency. These are the major ingredients to his success and an inspiration to many!

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